Memo: Use of Computers

Posted: August 29th, 2013

Memo: Use of Computers






XYZ Company Ltd

Finance Department


To: The Staff, Finance Department

From: Supervisor

Date: December 9, 2011

Re: Inappropriate Use of the Computers


It has come to the management’s attention that there is quite a large number of employees who are engaging in the inappropriate use of the computer facilities available to the staff. These facilities are only meant to be used in works and activities that are company related. Such activities are listed in the “use of company facilities” form given to every individual annually. Activities such as browsing the internet in search of personal interests, emailing to friends, accessing the social sites and poor control of the facilities are examples of the activities spotted in a number of employees. The following are policies governing the use of electronic facilities and the actions to be taken when they are violated.


Record Storage: The computers will only be used in the storage of company-related records in accordance to once responsibilities or as asked by ones superior. Personal records and works should not be stored in these electronic devices unless told otherwise by once senior. In case of uncertainty, one should enquire from their direct management.

Internet Use: The internet should only be used when researching for information that is of significance to the company and when passing information that is company related. If one requires it for personal purposes, they should first enquire from their direct managers/ supervisors.

Care: It is the responsibility of every individual to take care of the electronic devices they have been given to use. Computers and other electronic devices should be switched off when not in use. Any malfunction of nay of the devices should be reported to the managers or the supervisors. This device should not be further used unless it has told otherwise so that one can prevent further damage.

Violations and Repercussions

Any violations of these policies and procedures may attract reprimanding and serous disciplinary actions. Such actions include:

Warnings and coaching programs: These include being taken through the policies and the main problematic areas. There will be a maximum of three coaching programs. These coaching programs also serve as a warning to the particular individual. If these violations continue, the individual will be forced to face a disciplinary panel for further action.

Repair of the facilities in case of damage: If small damages have been found through the inappropriate use, one will be required to make the repairs. This may also include paying for the internet service in case of such a violation.

Prohibition of using these facilities: One may be prohibited to use these facilities or use them under constant supervision depending on the magnitude of the violation.

Demotion: if one proves that e/she is irresponsible and one who cannot follow rules, he/she may be demoted.

Suspension: Extreme violations may attract from a two week to a three-month suspension period.

Firing: If one proves to be uncooperative, the company may have to do fire him in order to pave way for those who can corporate.

The disciplinary action to be taken will depend on the magnitude of the violation, which will be determined by a supervisor, a manger or a panel of disciplinary committee.

Let us adhere to the set policies and procedures in order to avoid such repercussions.



Yours Truly,



Finance Department,




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