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Natural Resources Inventory

NATURAL Name of feature (and managers) Location

(map reference)

Accessibility Users (m/e)1 Visitor Services Visitor Date Contact (name and telephone)
Landscape The landscape is mainly rocky and flat. Common features include elevated limestone elevated limestone formations, coastal salt planes, and massive sand dunes (Fromherz, 2012). Mesaieed is a Qatar municipality located about fifty kilometers south Doha. The municipality is accessible through road travel. The users (m/e) 1 is approximately 4,452 Economic friendly scenery that supports visitors, (Fromherz, 2012). Visitors are welcome any day of the week None
Flora Few species of plants are found in Mesaieed. Most plants include those that thrive in dry areas such as shrubs. Vegetation is located throughout the municipality. Accessibility is restricted mainly to plants such as trees due to protection (Fromherz, 2012).   Visiting services are offered through recreational facilities such as parks Visitors are welcome any day of the week None
Fauna The fauna are of a wide range including birds, invertebrates, reptiles, and amphibians. Most of the fauna is located in parks and others in the natural wild. Accessibility is restricted mainly to plants such as trees due to protection   Visiting services are offered through recreational facilities such as parks Visitors are welcome any day of the week None
Water Natural water sources such as the sea are usually considered endangered and should therefore be protected (Unesco, 2005). The main seabed is at the edge of the land and is the largest source of water for the region. Accessibility is convenient to the municipality’s population. The users (m/e) 1 is approximately 4,452     None



CULTURAL Name of feature Location Accessibility Opening Times Users Admission


Visitors Contact
Heritage The Mesaieed Foundation is responsible for promoting cultural richness as well as preserving its heritage. The Mesaieed Foundation is located approximately 35 kilometers west of Doha The Mesaieed Foundation is only accessible to employee. Opening times are Monday to Saturday from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM Those that use this facility are the employees only. Administration fees are catered for by Qatar’s welfare ministry. Visitors to this facility are only allowed on matters related to culture and heritage
Religion The main religion practiced is Islam with minor Christians and other religions Islamists are located throughout the municipal county, Accessibility is through mosques, churches, and other worship places Opening time is from morning to evening   Membership contributions Visitors are all welcome provided they adhere to rules and regulations.  
Other culture None. Muslim and minor Christianity is the predominant culture              




Name of Event (managers) Location Dates Type of Activities Patronage Visitor Data


Festivals Annual cultural festival Doha 15 June Cultural music, poetry, and dance, (Qureshi, 2011). Prince of Qatar Local population and tourists

Tournaments Golf and tennis tournaments Doha 10, 25 March, and August respectively. Golf and tennis competitions Sports Ministry Local population and tourists

Business Events International trade fair Qatar International exhibitions 18 April Business products and service showcase International trade fair Local population and tourists

Other Events Ramadan Whole state October to November Fasting and religious prayers Imam Local population and tourists



Activity Name of resource Location Opening times Seasonal restrictions User fees Visitor data contact
Recreational Sports Equestrian Club 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM Rainy season 100 Rial Visitor has to be an adult and carry an ID  
Services Shopping, Dining Ramada or the Marriott 7.00AM to 9.00 PM Ramadan Depends on service offered No data required  
Facilities Doha Zoo Doha 9.00AM to 5.00PM None 50 Rial ID required  



Reception Location Contact Opening time Publication/ Guide Books Maps Attraction Leaflets Language Souvenir Items
Main info center Mesaieed Website 6.00 AM Website, newspaper     English, Islam Attire, sculptures, jewelry
Secondary info center Doha Website 8.30 AM Newspaper, magazine     English, Islam Attire, sculptures,
Info Point A Mesaieed email 7.30 AM Magazine, tabloids     English


Info Point B Mesaieed Telephone 8.00 AM Periodicals     English


Info Pont  C Mesaieed Telephone 8.30 AM None     English





Tourism event Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Annual cultural festival           15            
Tennis tournaments               25        
Golf tournaments     10                  
International trade fair       18                
Ramadan                   16 15  



Resource Feature Quality Issues Relative Uniqueness Appeal-Drawing Power
Natural Petroleum, natural gas Very unique since these resources are rare High
Cultural The Mesaieed Foundation promotes cultural richness as well as preserving its heritage (Torstrick, & Faier, 2009). The heritage and culture of Mesaieed is what makes it unique. moderate
Events Festivals, tournaments, and business events These events are unique since they illustrate the culture of the state. They are high appealing sources of attraction (Torstrick, & Faier, 2009) High
Activities Includes facilities,

Services, and

Recreational activities


Activities such as shopping and dining are relatively unique, especially the cuisine moderate
Services These include shopping, sporting, and dining These may include zoo services and offer unique scenery for tourists and local population. low



Catering Name Location Food type Seating capacity Entrée costs Opening hours
Full service restaurants AL Batross Mesaieed fast foods, beverages, and soft drinks 112 Free 24hrs
Family restaurants Bumbu Bali Doha, 13 km Cultural, fast foods, beverages, and soft drinks, (Qureshi, 2011) 215 10 Rial 24 hrs
Cafes La Cigale Mesaieed Fast foods 69 Free 9.00 AM to 10.00 PM
Takeaway Asmara Mesaieed Fast foods and soft drinks 47 Free 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM




Blair, S., Bloom, J., & Biennial Hamad bin Khalifa Symposium on Islamic Art and Culture. (2009). Rivers of paradise: Water in Islamic art and culture. New Haven: Yale University Pres

Fromherz, A. J. (2012). Qatar: A modern history. London: I.B. Tauris.

Mesaieed Municipality: Qatar. (2008). Project Finance, 83.

Qureshi, Faiyaz. Society & culture. (2011). Qatar. Petaluma, Calif: World Trade Press.

Torstrick, R. L., & Faier, E. (2009). Culture and customs of the Arab Gulf States. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press.

Unesco. (2005). Qatar. Paris: Unesco.

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