Module 5 Round Table

Posted: November 28th, 2013





Module 5 Round Table

Question 1)

Every workplace requires considerable supervision, management and leadership in order to be successful. Supervisors, managers and leaders play an extremely significant role in the workplace in ensuring that all operations go smoothly as planned. The role of supervisors is to ensure that subordinates achieve the planned production in time or at the scheduled time. Supervisors are held with the responsibility of giving instructions to the subordinates, and in turn are held responsible for work done by his or her team, and gives feedback to the management concerning issues in with the employees. Managers’ roles include creating strategies of achieving tasks, rewarding and compensating, achieving vision, goals and objectives of the company, identifying problems within the company and solving them. In general, managers are held with the role of making decisions and directing the company towards objectives. Leaders, on the other hand, can include managers and supervisors, held with the responsibility of providing direction and influence to employees in order to achieve goals. Through their roles, supervisors, managers and leader are supposed to promote excellent performance, skilled personnel and efficient productivity as well as develop people to be better. This is because mangers and supervisors are inclined towards achieving goals of the company and should care about goals of the employees too.

Question 2)

Every job has its stressing aspects, and sometimes it depends on individuals concerning what is stressing. In my opinion, I think that among the five most stressing aspects of work in the law enforcement industry is having to risk life, arresting criminals who will be ready to kill you just to get away. The other aspect is being in a shoot out where life is at risk, having to be in a court of law to testify where your word is not enough without full evidence even while the suspect is guilty. The thought of having to kill a person in self-defense, and finally, having to document all the work done in order report to the administration. In cases where there is the lack of accurate information from the officer, the agency responds by asking for more investigation of the information before making any decision.

Question 3)

Stress does occur at every level of employment, starting with the highest to lowest positions in an organization. At different levels in the workplace, stress can be different considering workplace stress is related to the challenges posed. More so, stress differs across people since what might be stressing for one may not be stress to another. Managers are under stress to see work going according to plan, and are stressed by lack of reaching the target or objectives. At the line level, workers are stressed by different kinds of factors, such as pressure from management to perform, punishments and even their salary and job security. There are three types of different levels of stress. The first one is the immediate stress, which occurs unexpectedly causing adrenaline to rise such as danger. The second one is continued stress that occurs when one is not relieved from stress. For instance, pressure to perform that is there for several days. The third level of stress is ongoing stress that occurs when there is no relief from stress for long periods, such as a highly demanding job which every time seems harder and harder, or when pressure is too high for a prolonged period.


Question 4)

Several innovative ideas can increase productivity in areas where it lacks. The first step is sharing of knowledge among the workers within the area. When the staff is enlightened and up to date on current issues, they become more innovative. The other step is encouraging ideas from the workers. Considering everybody has ideas, while they are many there will always be an answer. Everybody should be involved to feel as part of the innovation in order to be enthusiastic about contributing to the betterment of production. In addition, the idea for moving forward may come from anywhere within the organization. Reward for success should be provided to motivate the staff to keep improving.



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