Multicultural Cohort Program

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Multicultural Cohort Program


A Multi cultural cohort program offers students a comprehensive system that supports them in academic goals through connecting them with other people in the same curriculum. It focuses on developing the students professionally, academically and personally as well. Most importantly, it provides students with a chance to learn from a multicultural environment, which is its main purpose as its name suggests. Multicultural cohort programs have several benefits to the students that include scholarship, studying abroad, meeting people from different cultural backgrounds and $250 for the bookstore. It is quite important for students to joins multicultural cohort programs since there is an opportunity to diverse learning and interaction from different people with the same academic goals, leadership roles as well as other benefits.


Multicultural cohort programs offer students support and resources where needed in order to facilitate improved learning from a wider group. Scholarships are one of the benefits provided to students. This is quite a major benefit considering the high cost of college education. The scholarships are issued by the office of multicultural affairs where one is required to complete application forms necessary for the scholarship. The scholarships provide students with difficulties in meeting fees for their education.

Studying abroad

Offering abroad studies is another benefit that aims at providing students with a chance to study in multicultural and diversified environments. This is quite important in helping the students in their professional and personal development especially when it comes to interacting with people. This is quite essential for the globalizing world where cultural interaction is everywhere. Learning to interact with people from different cultures helps in breaking stereotypes. This is quite an advantage for students looking forward to take up leadership roles since it allows them to interact with many cultures and learn how to lead different people. Additionally, studying abroad provides the students with more diversity in education and experiencing different environments.

Meeting people from different cultures

Cultural interaction is one of the focuses of multicultural cohort programs as the name suggests. These programs allow students to meet people from different areas and cultures within the same career path or with similar goals. Each of them will provide different experiences and support each other allowing members to learn from a wider range of diversity. This is quite helpful for students who are minority or international and find themselves in new environment. The groups offer a better chance for them to adjust to the different environment and make closer friends away from their classmates. Additionally, they are likely to meet others like them within the group since it is culturally diversified. This is quite beneficial as well for helping students relate to all people and fit within different environments and communities. It offers personal development for the students in terms of relating with others.

250 Dollar for Bookstore

This is one of the several financial benefits from cultural cohort programs. The programs aim at providing students with resources necessary for their learning. From this bookstore fund, students are able to have access to premium books that they would otherwise have not accessed had they no money. This offers them an opportunity to access the most current books concerning new ideas that are very essential for the current times where innovations are among the major determinants of success.


Multicultural cohort programs are quite helpful to students from all backgrounds since it provides a chance for all of them to interact and learn from each other. It would be quite important to join such a group for not only the financial benefits, but also inherent personal benefits it provides such as friendship and learning from a diversified group. Students meet important and inspiring people within the groups that offer guidance and share their experiences in the education fields the students are pursuing.

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