Museum Essay

Posted: August 29th, 2013





Museum Essay

            The Los Angeles County Museum is one of the famous artistic exhibitions located in the city of Los Angeles in California. The museum is also the biggest encyclopedic exhibitioner in the city of Western Chicago. In addition, it accommodates millions of various visitors and tourists every year (Barron, Stephanie, Bernstein and Fort 24). Los Angeles County museum consists of a large variety of art works ranging from traditional to modern pieces. In addition, the various forms of art also featured the involvement of films and shows annually.

The Museum was officially established in the year 1961. However, before it was recognized as a museum, it was associated with the Museum of History and Science in the year 1910 at the Exposition Park located next to the South Californian Campus. In the year 1965, the exhibition was moved to a new location to serve as an autonomous artistic institution and hence become the second biggest innovative museum to be constructed in America after the National Art Gallery (Bruce 8).

The Los Angeles County Museum consists of thousands of art pieces that are divided into various sections based on the city, medium and era in which they were created. The first category is identified as the Modern art. Its pieces have been situated in Ahmanson Building, which was refurbished in the year 2008 (Barron, Stephanie, Bernstein and Fort 24). This was done in order to include an innovative opening that would feature a large staircase using the Roman architecture. The art works found are from the ancient period in the early fifties to the current.

The Modern art section features one hundred and seventy six pieces crafted by over twenty artists during the post war period in the early fifties. One of the controversial works found in this section is known as the Back Seat Dodge. The art consisted of a sculpture that was created by an artist known as Edward Kienholz in the year 1964. It displayed a man and a woman engaging in sexual activity and hence it was questioned on its morality impact by the L.A. County Supervising board. This piece of fine artwork stands out the most in the museum. The committee attempted to ban the art piece based on the grounds of conflicting with the moral values of the society (Barron, Stephanie, Bernstein and Fort 24).

The Los Angeles County Museum also includes the Columbian art section. This involves art pieces that are influenced by the cultures found in Latin America (Bruce 7). In addition, the art collection is also inspired by the Spanish, Current and Contemporary cultures. The former Columbian arcades were modified by a famous L.A artist known as Jorge Pardo. Pardo is involved in the field of architecture and Sculpture art. The Spanish art includes pieces from the period of the seventeenth to the eighteenth centuries (Bruce 7).

The architecture of several buildings in the museum has been inspired by the Asian culture. In addition, the museum also holds various collections from the Chinese, Korean and Japanese cultures including ceramics from Korea that were created in the year 1966 (Bruce 7). The museum also has a court that consists of palm trees that have been designed in a unique creativity by an artist known as Robert Irwin and an architect known as Paul Comstock (Barron, Stephanie, Bernstein and Fort 24). The design consists of a multi-tiered system of more than two hundred lights. The designs in which the lights have been created are inspired by the various styles in which lights of various cities in Los Angeles have been designed.


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