Music Speech outline- Abba

Posted: August 13th, 2013





Music Speech Outline- Abba

For purposes of this project, I decided to go with band called Abba. This is a Swedish band specializes in pop/rock music. The band was formed in Stockholm in 1972. The name ABBA represents an acronym for the first names of the group’s members namely; Agnetha Faltskog, Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus, and Anni Lyngstad.. I personally have a passion for music and can attest that music by Abba exhibits consistent success on every level. Sixpence happens to be my favorite band and my decision to choose this topic is because I feel that you may as well develop an interest in ABBA’s music. I then take this opportunity to present a brief biography of the band, music description, and play a selection from the group’s album ‘The Visitors’.

ABBA managed to become among the most commercially successful pop band as it topped the music charts for ten years from 1972 to 1982. The group has sold over 300 million albums copies worldwide and counting (Ashroth, 54). ABBA is recognized as the first pop band to hail from a country that does not speak English. This song achieved the record of the most played song in eleven countries at the time. The group recorded ‘The Visitors’ in 2002. However, the group members decided to each go their separate ways in late 1982. Over the years, ABBA’s music was gradually loosing popularity. However, their music was adapted in the worldwide tout ‘Mamma Mia’ musical. This move managed to revive public interest in the group (Palm, 57).

ABBA has always looked to do music with a prime objective of reaching their listeners on an encouraging level. Their music lends itself and articulates to interpretation. It works on a variety of levels ranging from mature to juvenile. There are tidbits of the spiritual, sociological, and psychological sense. Both vocally and instrumentally, the band places its reliance on lush, thickly layered arrangements. Primarily, ABBA does songs about how men and women have to deal with strife in a tough world (Edgington, Harry, and Himmelstrand, 32). They are about making mistakes, trying again, and showing love. The characters admit to being flawed in their songs and indeed should not be blamed for being human. They strive sincerely and honestly with hallmarks of compassion and forgiveness.

Most of the group’s songs are layered with playful melody lines, lilting and orchestral elements. ABBA’s tunes reflect that part of life between 10 and 40 years. Their music speaks of school, work, military service, and other settings. Work is a daily routine that should be considered a way of handling stress. Upon listening to their songs, especially ‘Happy New Year’ from the album ‘The Visitors’, the listener is showered with a variety of subjective responses and opposites to particular situations.

However, using words to describe music can only go so far. I will then proceed on to play a selection from the album ‘The Visitors’. The song is referred to as ‘Happy New Year’. Upon listening, one is able to hear the typical portrayal of the Swedish theme. Primarily, Swedes are a friendly and reserved people. The song can be listened to by a broad audience ranging from the young to the senior. The song achieves the emotional objective by attempting to arouse the listener’s sense of “having a good time despite the hardships of life.” I think this particular serves testament to what I have presented and the talent wielded by ABBA. In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed my presentation of the music band ABBA, its history, music style, and the song “Happy New Year” from the album ‘The Visitors’.



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