Muslims are betrayed in the Media

Posted: August 12th, 2013





Muslims are betrayed in the Media

In this essay, I have noted the influence and impact that the media has on people’s opinions and of their perception concerning something. This is in all areas and sectors, including the economy, social life, and politics. The media’s portrayal of Muslims and the Islamic religion in general, has had a profound impact on the way people think about Muslims. This is because the media portrays Muslims as violent people, when they only choose to focus on the terrorist activities committed by a few people who proclaim to be Muslims. Because of this portrayal, many people tend to think that only Muslims can be terrorists, and they think that Islam is a religion that encourages violence. Muslims in the country feel victimized because of the media, and the influence that it has had on people. The 9/11 and 7/7 terrorist attacks continues to affect people’s opinions.

The media fails to realize the rising stereotypical attitude that it continues to raise in people when it focuses on the negative nature of Islam. The issue of this negative portrayal of Muslims is especially personal for me, because I am a Muslim. I feel the different way that people view me because of my religion. In the UK, Muslims continue experiencing marginalization, and it becomes increasingly hard for them to interact and socialize with people from different religions and beliefs. Were it not for this influence, I believe that people would not develop an Islamophobia kind of attitude. They would see the religion of Islam like any other religion, say like Christianity or Buddhism. However, because of the negative images of the Islamic faith, many people fail to realize the benefits of Islam and the positive effect that it can have on the followers.

The marginalization that Muslims go through has led to increased prejudice and discrimination. This has led to the harassment of some Muslims, which is carried out even by the law enforcers. My decision to do this topic is to make other people aware of the problems that Muslims go through because people have a bad and mistaken image of them. Many people in the British society are not aware of the problems and challenges that Muslims go through everyday because of their religion. I have experienced some of these problems, and this has led me to the realization that other people need to know about them. I hope that increasing people’s knowledge through this awareness will reduce the Islamophobia attitude that people have developed. I hope to do this by noting the lack of information, which people have because they tend to rely on the media for most of their information

I have carried out extensive research for this essay. This has included researching many newspaper articles that have focused their attention on the Muslim community. I have used two of the most recognized and accessible newspapers, and these are the Daily Mail and The Telegraph. Many people read these newspapers, whether online or in print form. I have conducted primary research by speaking to many Muslims of all ages and genders. All the Muslims that I have spoken with feel that the media continues to betray them. I have spent a lot of time on the internet, to see the different reactions of the British society on people, and to see what the other forms of media have to say about Muslims. By consulting different media forms, I have realized that even the media does not have a clear definition and understanding of Islam.

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