My next level of writing

Posted: October 17th, 2013





My next level of writing

            Writing is a key component of language. Writing is also instrumental in the expression of language. My learning experience has formed the basis of understanding writing and the key aspects it entails. I have also undergone through various basic levels of writing. The learning process through group discussions and assignments has developed my ability to express language through writing. The next level of writing will integrate these aspects in order to broaden my perspective in writing. The previous levels of writing have been a resource in the development of my writing skills.

Every writing assignment was invaluable in sharpening my writing skills. Even though the experience in journal entry proved to be difficult at first, continued support from class discussions have assisted me in understanding various journal entries. In addition, I took the initiative to practice and read from other assignments through the internet and books. I am now conversant with writing in relation to journal entries. I have also improved on making various accounts for journal entries. The class quizzes are also a necessary intellectual challenge that has boosted my abilities in grammar and the application of various words in writing. Though I did not perform well in the initial sets of quizzes, the errors were corrected and the consecutive quizzes have marked considerable improvement.

Class participation and discussion offer a distinct view from my writing experience. Participating in class helps me to correct my writing mistakes. This is because the instructor not only identifies the mistake I have made but also tells me why I am wrong. In addition, I am able to understand the concept further. Class participation also forms a system of support as the instructor identifies my strengths and weaknesses. Through this, I am able to work on my mistakes through reading and practice. The systematic approach undertaken in class participation also helps to have an extensive and detailed approach toward the learning process. The inclusive approach in classroom participation has also helped me in the learning process.

Classroom activities have been essential in my writing development. I have been successful in sentence fluency. This is because of the practical classroom activities that encourage us to speak fluent English in order to improve fluency. I have also learnt to create proper sentence structures that can be applied in writing. The activities also aid in the process of sentence construction. With the improved sentence structure, my paragraphs are also well structured. These skills and activities should be carried forward to the next stage of writing in order to boost our writing capabilities.

The next writing level should integrate classroom activities from previous stages particularly the use of voice and style. The use of dialogue to organize ideas is important in essay writing. The activities also help to show variations and the use of language relating to various environments. These environments are mainly formal and informal. Understanding the different environments and writing templates for both formal and informal arenas will be beneficial for college. This is because college courses require various formalities and understanding the difference in class will make it easy to integrate the current writing skills and methodologies. This is particularly essential for research papers and reports.

Libraries are resourceful in helping students learn and conduct research. The assignments and quizzes required extensive research and the use of various books to expound on the designated work. In order for us to effectively and efficiently use the library, we were offered key library instructions. This is especially in relation to the presentation of the librarian. Without the assistance of the librarian, I would not have the ability to properly access reference books. The explanation on the various types of books and book sections has helped me in my research papers in ensuring that I have the appropriate sources.

The approach of class activities and assignments integrated a system of collaboration among students. Therefore, we were able to review and asses the work done by peers. Reviewing the essays of peers also aids in correcting common mistakes and identify individual weaknesses. We have been able to work together and understand the various writing styles. We also work together to offer assistance in our areas of weakness. Through collaborative approach, we also undertake research and reading various books that are important in our writing course. In addition, we review previous topics and practice writing methodologies. We also undertake brief exercises in order to understand the next level of writing. Therefore, we are able to have before hand knowledge of the new topic and less constraints in understanding the concepts.

In conclusion, the previous writing levels and classes have proven to be essential in my writing development. I have been able to improve my attitude towards writing and the various elements it entails. I am able to implement the writing fundamentals such as sentence structure, capitalization, paragraph structure, proofreading and self-editing to formulate an enticing writing piece. These elements will be instrumental in my next level of writing.

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