My perfect job

Posted: September 4th, 2013





My perfect job

            I learnt planning is an important pillar of success. Therefore, I have laid out several objectives in my life. One of them is establishing a career corresponding to my profession. I am a business consultant so I want to be an entrepreneur. This job will bring great satisfaction to me because I enjoy dealing with business. I also feel it is important to utilize my academic and professional qualifications. Since they belong to this field, I am likely to be more successful than in another career. The business will benefit the community in many ways (112).

The business I have in mind is starting a coffee shop. I have discovered a market niche in a certain area in town. There is no coffee shop and there is a big potential market for it. I have carried out a market research in the area and I realized people would appreciate a coffee shop for relaxation. I also like coffee so I am sure I will enjoy personally running the business. I like interacting with people and this business will create that opportunity. A business demands commitment and good managerial skills. I also need to be good at making analysis for good decision-making. I intend to do everything possible to offer quality services to my customers.

The most interesting part about my business plan is designing a menu and the shop layout. Looking at the design on paper, I can tell it will be a suitable place for relaxation. People will look forward to their tea breaks and evenings, since they will like my coffee shop. My personality is a major contributing factor when I chose this type of business. I am a tender person I cannot stand harsh and stressful work. I will be among the first people to relax in the coffee shop (137).

My plan includes having some music in the shop. People love relaxing as they listen to nice music. I believe in giving to the community since that is where we belong. The theme of my coffee shop is about creating a serene atmosphere for people. When they are running errands, they could walk in for lunch or a cup of coffee. Friends also meet in such places so it will be a good meeting point for friends and people with common interests.

Many people wish to work in offices and big companies. This is because such jobs have attractive salaries and they are prestigious. There is nothing wrong with such wishes I just want to show contrast between majority of the people and I. I am sure my business will take some time before giving returns. The same case applies to most businesses in the first few months. My main target is to have a social place for people and they will be looking forward to coming back. I will treat my customers with a lot of respect and ensure they are satisfied. This is a strategy of creating customer loyalty (149).

The serene environment will not only favor the customer but also me. As my working place, I will be comfortable spending the whole day serving my customers. I have an interest in artwork and interior décor. It will be exciting for me when I choose the appropriate material to put in the coffeehouse. It feels as if I will be doing a hobby. I believe that people should engage in jobs that pleases them. The output is better than those who force themselves into careers they do not like (167).

Having a business gives the owner independence. Unlike the employment, employees have to abide to the rules of the work place. A business owner will formulate his own rules and revise them as he wishes. He is also free to run a personal errand without consulting anyone. However, it is important to know that business will thrive according to the input of the owner. Some owners hire employees to run the business in their absence. Delegation is important since the owner will be doing other external duties concerning the business.

I plan to get a few employees to help me with the coffee shop. Sometimes I will be tired and I know I will need help. My employees will maintain high standards of customer service for my customers. Another strategy of attracting customer loyalty is being friendly and familiar with customers who frequent the coffee shop. They feel appreciated and comfortable so they will be coming often. It is important for customers to give their view and opinions about the business. Information from clients is a good source of how to improve a business (171).

When my business grows, I will engage in more community service. I will donate to charity and community development. For example, I enjoy cleaning programs. I will sponsor them and personally participate. Businesses also contribute to the revenue used for public welfare. I believe in paying taxes and other duties the authority requires. I intend to treat my employees with dignity and conduct myself with integrity. Employees look up to their manager so I will set a good example. When employees have a good environment for working, they will treat the customers well.

People should consider starting businesses, which they will enjoy running. It is a big step in developing economy and supporting the economy. A market research would greatly assist in identifying a business opportunity. Some markets have niches, which are good enough to be businesses. The community appreciates services and goods brought near them since it will save them time. Businesses are the key to reduction of unemployment. When businesses are started, many people will get employment hence uplift their living standards. I am happy to know that my business will play a big role in helping the economy and community (194).

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