My Professional Philosophy

Posted: November 26th, 2013

My Professional Philosophy

Motivation is the driving force behind every task that we embark on and my inspiration to pursue this discipline has been propelled by its physiological and emotional benefits to me and the people that I cater to. The ability to help people live better lives in itself is a massive drive, as this knowledge will have a positive impact on my own life as well. Kinesiology results in more energy, greater understanding of oneself, more choices, acceptance, understanding, solution orientation, functioning ability and most importantly improved quality of life. What motivates me is seeing clients achieve physical outcomes that they thought were unattainable and to educate and inspire people in order for them to thrive and not just survive. It is about longevity and vitality.

The outcomes of my emphasis as a career are diverse. This scientific knowledge of muscle function and the nervous system could lead in careers in fitness facilities, personal training or corporate wellness facilities and industry. You can work with individuals in their homes, fitness facilities, rehabilitation clinics, at the worksite and alongside physiotherapists.

Trainers would be the first to agree that the relationship and rapport built with a trainee is of core importance. I have to develop the social support system necessary for the client to feel secure with the treatment and service provided and by treating all with dignity and respect, providing emotional support, and considering each individual’s perspective. These are just a few of the strategies to increase satisfaction. By simply enhancing my own listening and communication skills, the trainee automatically perceives their trainer as willing to listen to them and interested in their concerns and may demonstrate a higher level of satisfaction, which can only improve the working relationship and end result.

Among other things, acquiring greater knowledge of exercise physiology, anatomy, exercise instruction through experience foremost is one of my goals. I want to have a strong ability to instruct by example and an in depth ability to instruct and demonstrate a remarkable knowledge of fitness assessment procedures and maintain an effective working relationship with other employees and the public. Through hard work, knowledge and determination, I will increase my client base undoubtedly.

Moral values have to come hand-in-hand with professionalism. Some of the values that I have developed over time include ambition, competency, equality, integrity, service, responsibility, accuracy, respect, dedication, diversity, improvement, loyalty, credibility, honesty, innovativeness, teamwork and excellence. Others are accountability, empowerment, quality, efficiency, dignity, collaboration, empathy, accomplishment, courage, wisdom, independence, security, challenge, influence, learning, compassion, friendliness, discipline, generosity, persistency, optimism, dependability and flexibility. You have to demonstrate and model your values in action, in personal and work behaviors, decision-making, contribution, and interpersonal interaction. This same values help in making decisions about priorities in your daily work and life.

Ethics on the other hand are what truly define us because they are not portrayed to the outside world as compared to values. My religious beliefs in creation and the creator, upholding the law at all times and keeping up with the standards of behavior acceptable in society guide me through my life. In addition, respecting rights of people such as the right to life and the right to privacy is another code of ethics that I follow. Such standards are adequate standards of ethics because they are supported by consistent and well-founded reasons.

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