My School Fees Dilemma

Posted: August 12th, 2013





My School Fees Dilemma

One day, back then while I was in high school, my father had just handed me twenty thousand shillings while I was with my best friend Ndela to clear my school fee arrears. Ndela’s mother at that time had been admitted to a city hospital ailing from typhoid. Ndela being the only child her poor widowed mother had, had to look for the twenty thousand shillings, needed to settle her mother’s hospital bill. On noticing the amount of money I had been handed by my father, he requested that I lend him the money to use it to settle his mother’s hospital bill.

Ndela was my best friend and was like that big brother I never had since I am also an only child. He had taught me things my father could not dare mentioning to me and had always protected me from the neighborhood bully. I had to pay the money at school to be able to sit for exams the following week while, on the other hand, Ndela saw a way out in the same money I had.

Ndela’s mother hospital bill was pilling every other single day she stayed at the hospital, though her condition was slowly getting better. It was then better that she get discharged from the hospital to fully recuperate from home. I could see that Ndela had no other hope apart from me and I had to help him. However, I could not risk having no payment receipt when my father would ask for it later on when I went back home after school. At this point, I could decide to let down my best friend and go ahead to pay the money at school as a first choice. This would badly affect our friendship as I could have decided to not help him when I could. My second alternative would be to hand Ndela the money and look for a way to lie to my strict father about how I had lost the payment receipt.

This would land me in deep problems with both my father and the school. Another alternative would be giving Ndela ten thousand shillings and paying ten thousand as school fees as we both looked for ten thousand shillings. Normally, it was always hard for Ndela and I to raise one thousand shillings to go for weekend outings in town. Raising ten thousand shillings each in one week would be impossible for us. The last alternative would be explaining my dilemma to my mother who could help or ask my father to help. I was almost certain my mother would be able to influence my father to understand my dilemma and even help Ndela. If my father would not agree to my proposal, I would be thoroughly lashed for what he called toying around with his hard-earned money

I decided to try out the last alternative, as I would involve my mother in explaining to my father my dilemma. Later on in the day, I approached my mother and quite unexpectedly, my father decided to pay my school fees as well as the hospital bill. He even rewarded me for considering my friend’s problem before mine after I had explained to him the whole situation. To this day, I still feel proud of the decision I made. I was able to kill two birds with one stone that I had viewed as a problem. It was happy to see our friendship grow stronger after I had successfully settled my dilemma.


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