Narrowing the Thesis

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Narrowing the Thesis

A thesis statement shows the position of a writer. The goal of the statement is to give a general overview of the writer’s point of persuasion. A concise thesis statement not only communicates the writer’s main point but also sparks the curiosity of the reader. This will give the reader moral to read the rest of the essay. A reader is always faced with the challenge of narrowing his thesis within the scope of his argument. The aspect of narrowing the thesis statement refers to a writer’s ability to make a claim that aptly represents the ideas expressed in the essay. A writer’s inability to narrow his thesis statement influences his ability to communicate to the reader. A writer should be able to create an argument in his claim in order to give a narrow thesis statement.

My thesis statement should not be a cliché. A narrow thesis statement carries the weight of persuading the reader to a particular perspective. Clichés water down the argumentative aspect of a claim. This is because they are familiar statements that provide no new angle to the subject matter of the essay. Such a thesis statement makes no effort to complicate the subject matter. As a writer, I should be able to look at the subject matter from more than one perspective. This will require creativity and innovation. This will enable me to come up with a strong claim that is devoid of conventional wisdom. Such a thesis statement will complicate the subject matter and subsequently give it a new perspective that represents my point of argument.

Narrow thesis statements should be objective. This implies that a writer should not express personal opinions. The challenge of personal opinions is that they create no basis for arguments. This is because an individual’s opinion is hard to prove. As an effective writer, I should give a factual thesis statement. This means that I should treat my opinion as a hypothesis that is yet to be tested. This will eliminate the aspect of treating my ideas as infallible facts. However, I feel that it is important to strike the balance between one’s opinions and facts. This suggests that the facts represented in the thesis statement should not be devoid of one’s personal opinion. My personal opinion will help me to present the truth in a creative manner.

One’s thesis statement should not make a broad claim. A general thesis statement is one that does not make a specific claim. This statement does not show the stand of the writer. The effect of this kind of statement is the creation of ambiguity in a reader’s mind. Various measures can assist in the avoidance of such ambiguity, as a writer. I feel that the best way to avoid making a general claim is by identifying a specific claim. This involves selecting a particular issue and showing my stand on the issue. Avoidance of complexities also leads a writer to give general claims. I can avoid giving a general thesis by converting my claim to one that makes a bold stand on the subject matter.

A narrow thesis statement will not only represent facts but it will show the perspective of the writer. This kind of thesis statement should show the writer’s argument. While writing a thesis statement, I should be able to make an assertion on the subject matter. The assertion should be one with the ability to raise controversies. The claim should not be a fact that many will easily agree with but it should be one that people are likely to disagree with. A writer’s essay represents his argument. This then implies that in writing my thesis statement I should be able to bring out my point of argument.

The thesis statement is the vessel through which a writer gives a reflection of the rest of the essay. It is an important part of the essay as it is the point where a writer expresses his point of argument. In making an effectives expression of one’s argument, a writer can be said to have narrowed his thesis. I have learnt that it is important to represent my argument in a manner that is not only concise but also creative. This will ensure that my thesis statement deliberately controls the rest of my essay.

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