Needs Analysis

Posted: August 12th, 2013










Needs Analysis




Needs Analysis

a.         Just-in-time imperative is a mode of training that provides just the required knowledge when it is needed by the employees. The knowledge is divided into modules that are personalized to form relevant courses and they are modified and reused for various training purposes (Weintraub & Martineau 2002). The modules are sorted to determine which ones are more relevant and which audience would benefit more from it. Experts are used in rendering the relevant information to the trainees through educational seminars and meetings and these sessions can even be recorded for future reference. This mode of training involves acquisition of quick knowledge and employees can even gain access to this knowledge while still working. It also addresses the objectives of various training objectives since it gives precise information that is relevant to the trainees.

b.         In school, the principals are faced with many issues that need their attention. For instance, they need to determine the best teaching methods to use on the students, best management policies for the employees, disciplinary actions to take on various wrong doings among others. With this workload, it is almost impossible for the principal to be an expert on every issue concerning the school since it would take him years to study all these courses. However, he can gain quick knowledge on these areas without having to spend so many years of learning or even take a break from his job (Jones 2002).

c.         This kind of problem could easily be solved by technologies supporting JIT such as portals that ensure efficiency in accessing information. Since just-in-time is all about modularization, the use of databases is a perfect solution to this kind of problems. It is therefore important for organizations to use computerized information systems instead of manual systems of keeping records in order to improve on efficiency. The use of internet and intranets could also come in handy in addressing this problem due to its richness in information.

Databases could assist the management of school affairs recording and organization of data for east retrieval. It is a computerized library where you can access any information in it by searching using keywords (Weintraub & Martineau 2002). This will help the principal access information on every department of the school easily without straining. Other people involved with the school like teachers, parents, workers, students could also gain easy access to the information. Portals could be helpful in a school environment since they improve on efficiency in data access. The school could develop portals such as student portals to help students access information about themselves without having to visit various offices for enquiries. The internet is always helpful since they contain diverse information on every field. Intranets contain information about the school and one could get all the information they need (Werth & Werth 2011).

In conclusion, the just-in-time training method is an efficient method of passing on knowledge to learners since it ensures only relevant information is passed on. It also saves on time spent on learning and the learners do not have to quit jobs to undergo training. Organizations are slowly embracing it since it proves to be very effective. It saves on costs since learners do not have to enroll in expensive programs, they can learn a lot when performing certain projects and this improves on quality. People with similar work, interests can create the knowledge they require, find the right channels to share it and apply it in their work. This promotes productivity of a business.




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