Neighborhood Article Summary

Posted: September 3rd, 2013






Neighborhood Article Summary







Neighborhood Article Summary

ED Sees Critical Capacities

Unsafe conditions were cited in the Neighborhood Hospital. Cases of over staffing were reported  . The overstaffing has led to hazardous conditions that interfere with the safety of the staffers. The health facility is flooded with patients suffering from ailments that can easily be treated at home. However, because of a dearth in alternative health care compels them to seek medical attention in the center. According to Dr. Gordon, it is evident that the region lacks adequate health facilities to carter for the destitute and low-income members of the society (Johnson, 2012).

Dr. Gordon suggested that there was an urgent need to create awareness among the members of the society concerning symptoms and treatment of common ailments and injuries. He argued that majority of the patients who visit the health institutions have conditions that could receive treatment at home. An increase in the capacity of hospitals has compelled the patients to visit the health institution for minor injuries and ailments. The patients were forced  to waist for more than six hours to receive medical attention (Johnson, 2012).

Public Health Issues

In the article, Dr. Gordon addresses a number of public health concerns. These concerns are accessibility to effective health care, mass awareness on common health ailments, overstaffing in health institutions and hazardous working conditions for health workers. These issues were represented in the various situations that surrounded the Neighborhood Hospital. These issues are of public concern because they affect the well-being of the members of the society.

One concern that Dr. Gordon raises is that there is a dearth of adequate medical facilities to carter for the population of the region. The doctor elaborates further that this lack of adequate medical facilities is detrimental to the treatment of the less privileged members of the society. The government was charged  with mandate of providing health care to its population. The human labor is the most important resource of a nation, and  it is the government’s obligation to subsidies costs of health care. The less privileged members of the society should receive attention because their social and economic status creates inequity in their resource accessibility.

The masses should receive education on the general illnesses and injuries that occur frequently. This awareness will help members of the community not only to avoid the common illness and but to also treat and manage them in case of their occurrence. The Neighborhood Hospital is experiencing an influx of patients because of their inability to treat and manage common ailments. Educating the masses will help to cut down on the costs of  treating common illnesses. Creation of awareness will also allow the staff at the medical centers to focus on the urgent cases that require immediate medical attention.

Dr. Gordon reported that the staff at Neighborhood Hospital was more than the required number and apart from this, the staff received exposure to hazardous working conditions. It is the responsibility of a company’s management to ensure that its employees work in favorable conditions. The health of the employees should be a priority of the employers. Exposure of the employees to conditions that put their health at risk will subsequently affect their input in the workplace. This will  be detrimental to the health care that the patients receive at the health centers. Over staffing at the health facility worsens the working conditions. The result is overcrowding and sharing of limited resources. This will impede the performance of the health care givers.

Smoking Breaks a Thing Of The Past

The breaks that many companies and social institutions are giving employees are slowly fading away. This is because of the controversies that arose concerning the need for smokers to receive breaks. Smoking is not a disability that requires special attention and therefore that rationality behind the breaks was lost. The breaks taken by the employees can be legally regulated by the employer. This implies that the idea of employees ding away with the smoking breaks is quite feasible. The strings attached to the breaks given to the employee are dictated by the employer (Johnson, 2012).

Public Health Issue

The public health issue that has been addressed is that of smoking cessation. The effects of tobacco on the public are the driving force behind these efforts. Antismoking programs were extended  to the office set up. The management of companies is being encouraged to adopt systems that discourage smoking during the work routine. The government has also been receiving pressure to allocate funds of tobacco cessation. This was because of the rise in tobacco related illness that was burdening the country’s economy. These efforts will aid in the protection of passive smokers and the active smokers themselves. Second hand smoking is known to be the cause of many premature deaths and illnesses.







Reference List

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