Network Analysis of saving Bernice

Posted: October 17th, 2013






Network Analysis of saving Bernice

There are five major networks in Bernice’s life. They include Billy, education, employment, family and welfare. The contacts with positive impact were education, employment and welfare. Going to school made Bernice have dreams for her future. She wanted to become a teacher as her profession. She had come from a family background characterized with violence and misery. Education gave her hope of a promising future when she gets her career. When Bernice was trying to save herself from Billy’s abuse, she went back to school. Learning new skills would give her better chances of good jobs for economic empowerment (13).

Employment gave her income to support her children. She was able to free herself from poverty and misery because she had means of taking care of herself and children. Initially poverty was one of the reasons she had to succumb to Billy’s assault. She could not get away from him because she would not manage to provide for the children. The money she received was not enough for the family’s maintenance so she could not escape. Welfare played a big role giving some money to Bernice. She met part of her needs with these funds (15).

Billy was Bernice’s boyfriend whom they lived together. Initially, Bernice thought he was a good man from a stable family. After courting for a while, Billy started abusing Bernice. She made Bernice’s life miserable and physically assaulted her. Bernice got three miscarriages due to Billy’s harassment. When Bernice realized violence had become a major problem, she applied for welfare. This is because there is no contribution Billy made for their upkeep. Bernice could not leave Billy since he threatened her life and she never had money to come up with a safety plan. Finally, Billy was arrested for assaulting Bernice (17).

Bernice’s family is the cause of her problems she eloped with Billy since she wanted to get away from her abusive parents. Her mother kicked her out after an argument, and she moved in permanently with Billy (27). As she grew up, she watched her parents engaging in violence behavior and even her brother died due to violence. Families play a big role in determining the life of an individual. Negligence of parents led Bernice to an abusive relationship.

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