NRM Reflection

Posted: October 17th, 2013

NRM Reflection







NRM Reflection

Religion has many purposes in people’s lives. Every person who joins a religion has reasons for choosing it. New religions have come up because of different factors. People may have different perspective of life and their beliefs contradict old religions. For example, people may believe in science hence, they opt to join a religion corresponding with science beliefs. This would mean they do not believe in miracle or other things contrary to scientific facts. Others may be interested in the new religions in search solution to personal needs.

Today’s life has many challenges it presents to people. Some do not know how to subdue them and they seek help in new religions. People who believe in religion use it to seek help or solutions to their problems. One major challenge facing people is poverty or quest for wealth. A big number of people who have joined new religions have done this because they were promised wealth. The most interesting thing is these people are assured they will not pay anything to acquire wealth. The only requirement is becoming a member and all will be well.

Such enticing offers easily attract millions of people in these religions. The new members increase when they witness other members acquiring wealth. In some circumstances, religious leaders may ask them to pay some amount of money. Others may demand a different offering. After the member has given what is required, he or she gets wealth. Members in such new religions do not stop to ask questions about the wealth’s origin. Facts state a person must have income to acquire wealth. This is why people work hard for better incomes. It sounds abnormal for someone to become wealthy in a short period, without actually working hard for it.

Another challenge leading people in new religions is getting solutions for non-monetary problems. There are many other problems like marital problems, emotional and health issues affecting people. They might have lacked solution from other places and their last resort is new religions. There are new religions, which believe in miracles. They attract sick people with terminal diseases and assure them of a miracle of healing. This trend is empowered by people who testify about it. It makes other sick people seek healing from new religions.

It is important for people to be concerned about the type of religion they decide to join. They should watch out for dangerous practices. There have been sad and scary news about new religions with unacceptable practices. Some people even find themselves joining Satanism because they are not aware. The most important thing to use in evaluating in a new religion is illegal practices. Religious practices should be in accordance to the law because they should teach members to respect authority. Some new religions have been disbanded because they force their members to practice inhumane things. For example, kill themselves because of religious beliefs. Such new religions are misleading and should not be allowed by the authority.

My friend tried to talk to me about a local religion. She said its goal was to mentor people into leadership in society and even broader territories. She continued to talk about other benefits, which looked impressive. I was willing to join until I learnt more details about the religion. They kept secrets and chose to initiate members secretly. I did not understand why, because a religion should invite as many people as possible. Someone had been killed accidentally and no one reported to the authorities. Instead, they made it look like suicide. I could not be part of such a religion.

People’s needs and problems have blinded their ability of evaluating the credibility of a religion. Their only concern is getting what they need and they will be staunch believers. It is important for people to be observant of these religions and not just indulge in them. They should not also exploit the members by telling them to give more than they are benefiting from. Some religious leaders have malicious intentions so they abuse their position. A religion respect people’s human rights and uphold all virtues and morals the society recognizes.



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