Object analysis

Posted: September 3rd, 2013





Object analysis

            I visited MoMA exhibition and saw very many appealing objects. The most attractive object was an ashtray. This ashtray is remarkably different from the rest of the common ashtrays. It was designed and made in a unique way. The designer was a German artist called Marianne Brandt. She lived from 1893 to 1983. It is manufactured by Bauhaus Metal Workshop in Germany. Brandt designed this ashtray in 1924 and anyone who wants to have it can buy it from dealers. The ashtray is made of brass and nickel-plated brass. It is approximately 6.7 cm by 7.9 cm. The ashtray was designed to have a round shape. It resembles the shape of half a globe. It could also be said to take the shape of a bowl. The top is covered with a silver metal. It has a round opening at one side and a small platform. The platform is made of a sheet of metal, and it is fixed horizontally. It took this shape because it is used to place the cigarette. The side pouring the ash faces the inside of the ashtray. The rest of the body has a light shade of cream-like brown color. At the base of the ashtray, there is a well-shaped support for the object. From the inside, the ashtray has a gold color.

This object drew my attention because it is special and attractive. Its colors are flashy and they catch the attention of people. Personally, it caught my attention because it made me appreciate creativity and innovation. Other typical ashtrays are designed to look simple and plain. Ordinary ashtrays do not have a cap on them. They are also a bit shallow than this unique one. They do not have a platform for putting the cigarette. Most of them have a small slot at the side, where one can put a cigarette. The designer anticipated to reduce the amount of ash that flies out, when she designed the cap. The platform has been enhanced in this ashtray. The designer anticipated to improve the slot from the ordinary ashtrays. When users have a better place to put their cigarettes temporarily, they will not drop them. The size of this ashtray is bigger and deeper than the rest of the ashtrays. The designer anticipated it to hold a larger amount of ash. The users do not have to keep emptying the ashtrays unlike the normal uses.

The design of this ashtray allows it to have alternative uses. For example, it could be used as a vase. Its beautiful colors of gold and silver metals can blend well with the use of a vase. If the golden body would be replaced with a clear glass, it would be used as a fish tank. This object could be used to decorate a table or a desk. It has lively colors and shape so it is possible to use it as décor. The ashtray can be modified to be a coin jar. If the hole at the cap can be made smaller, it can be used to save coin and notes too. Apart from money, it could be used to store other things like jewelry. This ashtray can be used at the dinner table to place things like saltshakers, napkins or any other thing that can fit there. This type of object is very convenient because it can be multi purpose. Today’s designer should borrow a leaf from Brandt and advance other objects to suit the users better.

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