operational management

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Operational Management

Question one

Operations management is important to CDS because since the company is expanding, there is need to meet the requirements of their new clients and suppliers. Given by their extensive collaborations and partnerships, CDS uses effective operations management to improve these relationships. Operations management also ensures efficient and timely production of goods and services to their customers through production schedules. Owing to their innovative ideas in creation and delivery of new products, operations management has enabled the company to get higher revenue than before. The overall organizational performance of CDS has given it a distinguished place in the market.


I would advice the management team to list down everything that they would like to improve in the business and start working on them. I would advice them to set clear standards of the business so that they are able to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of their strategies. One way of doing this is through analyzing the effect of their advertising. This will enable them to know if they are on the right track in term of attracting and retaining customers. In addition, the amount of revenue the business is getting should also be reviewed in order for them to know if they are meeting the business targets and objectives.

The business management should also make sure that their employees are made to feel like part of the team. These employees need to know and understand how their presence and output affects the business in general. This relationship is very important for steady growth and development of the business as it avoids expensive attrition. The relationship can be improved through activities like company retreats where the employees get to bond with their bosses, which will ease tension is any. Sports activities within the company will also improve their relations. These activities can be organized in that each department plays against the other.

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