Organism Comparison

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Organism Comparison

1. Tissue Organization

  1. Distinct tissues absent (answer: sponge)
  2. Distinct tissues present (answer: all other animals)

2. Symmetry

  1. Radical (answer: earthworm, roundworms and hydra, sponge)
  2. Bilateral (answer: all the other animals)

3. Body Cavity

  1. Acoelomate (answer: crayfish, sea fish)
  2. Pseudocoelomates (answer: roundworms, clamworm, clam, hydra and lancet)
  3. Eucoelomate (answer: pig, grasshopper)

4. Openings to digestive tract

  1. One (answer: planarian, lancelet, sea star, hydra, crayfish, clam)
  2. Two (pig, grasshopper)

5. Circulatory system

  1. None (answer: roundworms, earthworms, planarian , lancelet)
  2. Open (answer: grasshopper, sea star, hydra, clam, crayfish)
  3. Closed (answer: pig)

6. Habitat

  1. Aquatic (answer: sponge, sea star, planarian, crayfish, hydra, lamncelet )
  2. Terrestrial (answer: pig, grasshopper, earthworms)
  3. Parasitic (answer: roundworms)

7. Organs of gas Exchange

  1. Skin (answer: Earthworms, roundworms, planarian)
  2. Gills (answer: sea star, lancelet, crayfish, clam)
  3. Lungs (pig)
  4. Spiracles/tracheae (grasshopper, sponge)

8. Organs of Excretion

Skin (sea star, planarian, earthworms, and roundworms), kidneys and lungs (pig), pores (sponge), gills (hydra, crayfish, sea star, and clam), and spiracles (grasshoppers).

9. Type of Locomotion

Walking (pig), jumping/hopping (grasshopper), swimming (sea fish, hydra, clam, sponge, lancelet) and crayfish), wiggling (earthworms, planarian, roundworms).

10.  Support Systems

  1. External (clam)
  2. Internal (pig, grasshopper, sponge, sea star, crayfish  )
  3. Hydrostatic (planarian, earthworms, roundworms, lancelet, hydra)

11. Segmented body

  1. No (Answer: sponge)
  2. Yes (all the other animals)

12. Appendages

  1. No (Answer: sponge, earthworm, planarian, roundworm, lancelet)
  2. Yes (Answer: All the other animals)

13. Nervous System

  1. Ventral nerve cord (round worms, earthworms, hydra, planarian)
  2. Dorsal nerve cord (pig)
  3. Post anal tail (lancelet, crayfish)
  4. Others (sponge)


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