Organizational Behavior and Concepts

Posted: August 29th, 2013

Organizational Behavior and Concepts






Organizational Behavior and Concepts

Organizational culture

Organizational culture is experiences, values, strengths, weaknesses and other characteristics. They make a unique personality of an organization, which is not only determined by the employees but also its leadership (Schermerhorn et al, 2008). There are several types of cultures in an organization. They include academy, baseball team, and club and fortress cultures. In academy culture, the employees have exceptional skills and opt to work hard for promotion. Baseball team culture consists of employees who have skills considered as valuable and in demand. Club culture basic requirement is to fit in the group. The employees work their way to promotion since they begin from the lowest rank. Fortress culture is characterized with job insecurity. Employees can lose their jobs or not, but those with specialized skills, are retained (Robbins & Judge, 2009).

Organizational behavior

Organizational behavior is how the employees or groups act in an organization. To determine the behavior of an organization, a systematic approach has to be used. There are several factors to be considered. Some of them include teams, changes, and human behavior.   The importance of studying the behavior of people in an organization is to enhance the relationship. When employees relate well with each other, it is possible to achieve goals and objectives. According to Robbin & Judge (2009), organizational behavior has four key models which are autocratic, custodial, supportive and collegial. Autocratic model consists of employees are obliged to be obedient to the authority and depend on it. Custodial model is characterized by employees getting security and benefits but dependent on the organization. In supportive model, there is a lot of support from the management and employees are oriented to job performance. Collegial model is about team work and employees are responsible and disciplined.


Diversity means existence of different things or people. Therefore, diversity in an organization refers to employees, people or groups with different backgrounds in general. Managing diversity is one of the most challenging things in an organization. This is because people have different personalities and they are from different places. The best way to deal with diversity is to formulate policies, which will enhance cohesion in the organization. Organizations are required to practice diversity because it is an excellent strategy of eliminating racism and ethnicity (Schermerhorn et al, 2008).


Communication is passing information upward, downward or across the network of employees or the managers. Communication happens when a message is sent and received in the intended way. If the receiver does not receive the message, then there is a communication breakdown. Sometimes the receiver may have feedback or not. Communication is the backbone of an organization because it enables smooth running of activities. In customer oriented organizations, it enhances the relationship with the customer. Organizations with poor communication methods have a lot of problems because the management is not interacting with the employees (Robbins &Judge, 2009). For success in management, organizations should select the best communication modes and adopt them.

The organizational culture is built from several characteristics like work policies, the law and values. As correctional officers, we are social with the inmates but strict on what they do. Our major responsibility is offering security and helping in reproaching them. The policies, law and values have made us disciplined employees and exemplary people to the inmates. Our organizational behavior is related to our culture because behavior creates culture. The organizational behavior model adopted in our organization is collegial. We work as a team, which is self disciplined.


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