Organizational Communications

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Organizational Communications









Organizational Communications

Face-to-face presentation means communication between two people who are physically present. For instance, when a sales person approaches a client, they might require seeing a demonstration. Face-to-face presentation will happen when the sales person is physically present. Virtual presentation is the use of electronics as a medium of communication. For example, a head office can communicate with other branches through virtual communication. These two methods have several other differences from other perspectives. According to a close analysis, face-to-face presentation has turned out to be more effective than virtual presentation. The main argument is some equipment used in virtual presentation is not efficient like face-to-face communication (Rentz, 2010).

Since virtual is the use of electronics, like computers and other equipment like smart phones, they could not be proficient in physical work like face-to-face presentation. A client will be more comfortable and understand better, when a face-to-face presentation is done than virtual. This is because he or she will be in a position to liase with the presenter directly and make any enquiries. As for virtual presentation, limited electronics make provision for full interaction. For example, use of skype, teleconferencing and other modes allow sufficient interaction of the people communicating (Rentz et al, 2010). Another difference in these two methods is that virtual presentation is subject to challenges like a failure of the electronics. The computer may break down during a presentation. This is different from face to face presentation. When the two parties are physically present, nothing can stop them from completing the presentation.

Other differences are about the costs of each of them. Both may be costly or relatively cheap depending with the situation. If a presentation is being done to a person in a different country, virtual presentation will be more cost effective because it will save on traveling costs and save a lot of time. If a presentation is being done in close proximity, face to face presentation will be the most appropriate. Face-to-face technology will remain popular in the business world. On the other hand, virtual technology has brought advancements and improved communication. Virtual communication has proved to save a lot of time and cut costs (Rentz et al, 2010).




















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