Organizational Strategies

Posted: August 29th, 2013

Organizational Strategies





Organizational Strategies


When buying goods and services, it is beneficial for a person to categorize and partition goods and service depending on the characteristics of required wants. When buying a laptop, people need to classify the laptops in different categories and partitions in which they will be able to select from based on the personal characteristics. In this case, categories of laptops can be those that have similar characteristics while partitions divide the selected categories into small parts with different characteristics. Therefore, in this paper, the different categories and partitions of laptops are discussed.


The first category of laptop is the ultra portable laptops. These types of laptops are light in weight. They weigh below four pounds. They have similarities in that they have a futuristic look, and they can be put in small bags. They are conducive for travelers due to their portability. However, they are not suited for high performance work since they contain less space. The screen is small, and the keyboard buttons are small. Additionally, they cannot be used for works that require high graphics. Moreover, their battery life is extremely low. Lastly, they do not have CD or DVD drives in them due to their small size (The Laptop, 2011).

Desktop replacement is the other category of laptops. As the name suggests, their characteristics are similar to those of a desktop computer. They weigh eight pounds and above. They are suited for complex strategies. This is because they have a high disk space, more graphics and a modified audio system. Additionally, they have a wide screen suited for all activities. However, they are not the best for travels because they not that much portable. Additionally, they are the most expensive laptops in the market ranging from one thousand five hundred US dollars to four thousand dollars (The Laptop, 2011).

The other category is the table PC. These are mainly touch-screen form of laptops. One of the features is that, they are portable. They weigh from two to four pounds. Therefore, they are suited for travelers. Additionally, they have the longest battery life when compared to the other laptops. However, they can only be used by members of certain professions only like medicine. They are a bit slow because they have low disk space. Henceforth, they cannot be used for the performance of complicated tasks. Lastly, they do not contain CD or DVD drives (The Laptop, 2011).

Standard laptop is the other category of laptops. As the name suggests, these laptops are suited for any job. Additionally, they are also portable. They weigh four to eight pounds a laptop. Their battery life is excellent running on average three hour. Therefore, these laptops are suited for both traveling and complicated business activities. Lastly, they contain both the CD and the DVD drives (The Laptop, 2011).

For those who are students, they can partition the standard laptop so that they can decide the best laptop to buy. The first laptop in this partition is the HP NC6000. It has a long battery life of five hours. It has a standard memory of about two hundred and fifty six mega bites. It has a 14.1-inch TFT XGA. The other partition is the Acer Ferrari 3200. It has a low disk space as compared to the HP NC6000. It has a low battery space. It has a 15.0 TFT active matrix. The last partition is the Averatec 5110H. It has a 15.0 TFT display. It has a longer battery life of about five hours and above. Lastly, it has forty GB disk space thus it can perform even complex tasks (The Laptop, 2011).


Based on the above summary it is best for people and businesses to organize the characteristics of a product they are going to buy. This is because it makes works easier in determining the best possible product to buy. For instance, in the above description the best possible laptop for students is the Averatec 5110H. This is because it has a stylish design, high disk space and a long battery life. Therefore, the student can be stylish and at the same time use the laptop for long hours at anything.



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