Outline and Summary

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Outline and Summary


  • Complex demands placed on finance function

v  Finance professionals have increased responsibilities

  • Participate in strategic decision making
  • Are involved in leadership
  • Work closely with other organizational departments
  • They have become partners in businesses
  • Finance leaders need to increase competence

v  Finance leaders need to increase capabilities in different areas

  • Need to gain and enhance financial experience
  • Use different communication channels to reach different audience
  • Look for learning opportunities
  • Volunteer services
  • Diversify profession
    • Personal attributes
  • Ensure personal responsibility
    • Maintain professional integrity
    • Be a risk taker
    • Willing to undertake more non-accounting responsibilities


The article, “Working in Accountancy: Essentials for a Successful Career” examines the field of accountancy specifically addressing the factors that contribute towards making accountants and other finance professionals successful in their careers. The article draws from the report done by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Hays, and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, which highlights some of the challenges faced by finance professionals and the opportunities available to them. The role of accounting professionals continue to transform in light of the changing organizations and this requires the accountant to have added capabilities.

There is a need for finance professionals to add and enhance their capabilities to deal with the emerging changes that are present in organizations. Accountants are useful to organizations because of their financial skills and they provide other services to the organizations. Having substantial ethical standards is essential for financial professionals, and for the accounting profession. It enables the accountants to maintain the credibility of their profession, and maintain their own credibility. Accountants should be brave and should be risk takers. In addition, they should be open-minded towards what they can learn. This includes making proper use of technology such as e-learning and investing one’s time in others. Accountants should also demonstrate other personal attributes including confidence, leadership skills, persuasion and influencing skills, and flexibility. Currently, accountants have more roles within the organization

The role of accountants has changed in organizations. Accountants have to provide specialist services to the organizations’ leaders and help them in making value based decisions. They are partners in the business and they take a keen interest in the commercial aspect of the organization. They work with different departments in the organizations, and they help these departments in making strategic decisions for the organization. Accounting is no longer just about numbers, but it has become more people-oriented. There are different channels that accountants can use to develop and progress in their careers.

Accountants can progress in their careers in different ways. Some accountants are fortunate to be employed in the four principal accounting recruitment firms. Other accountants prefer starting their careers with smaller companies. Accountants should volunteer their services, conduct customer visits and perform job swaps as this increases their exposure and experiences. This article has covered different emerging trends within the accounting fields. It has examined the continued importance of accounting, which has led to its growth. It has also examined the changing nature of the accounting profession, the characters that can enhance the accountants’ success, and the different channels that accountants can use to advance their careers.









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