Overcoming Resistance

Posted: August 13th, 2013

Overcoming Resistance










Overcoming Resistance

Last month, our branch manager called a meeting to announce the expected incremental of working hours for every employee. The employees’ working hours would increase with three hours due to the increased workload that. No negotiations took place since his decision was final. This resulted in a lot of resistance from the workers disagreeing with the decision. The unhappiness of the workers reflected in their output since the output decreased despite the increase in working hours. Increased working hours meant I had to give up my evening classes and this would affect my studies seriously. I decided to work extra hours in the morning instead of the evening. Negotiations would help the transition imposed on the employees. Employees need to understand the reason for various changes adopted by the managers and should therefore seek explanations.

Communication to the employees on the expected benefits of change is necessary to set the goals of performance. A higher rate of payment for the employees would help in motivating employees in accepting the changes. Alternative strategies of improving performance would solve the puzzle of dealing with huge workload. Prior notice is necessary to enable the employees prepare for the changes. Preparedness would reduce the chances of resistance from the employees. Instead of undertaking the go-slows, negotiation forums would help solve the issues. The sessions would involve rising of grievances to the managers for addressing. A one-on–one forum would make the leaders listen to the issues raised and this would influence them to consider adjusting the new changes.

Discussions on grievances could influence the manager to adjust the changes to suit the needs of the employees. Change is a process and patience is necessary to achieve the expected results (Eddy & Boggs, 2010). Leadership is best done through setting an example to the subjects for them to follow. Changing the whole organization should start by changing the leaders before the employees follow and accommodate the changes. Through believing in the proposed changes, influencing other people within the organization becomes easier. In most organizations, the workers prefer learning through demonstrations other than dictation. In school, learning most efficiently takes place when the teacher gives examples to explain a situation.

An instructor can also not teach something he does not believe in so change in beliefs for an instructor can work in instilling attitudes that accommodate change. Believing in change helps encourage change in leaders, which subsequently encourages change in other members of the organization (Sparks, 2010). Promoting the understanding for the need of change to the employees in an organization or to students in a school is important to influence their attitudes. Enhancing the Student teacher relationships would assist is promoting change in the schools.

Some unpleasant behaviors require changing and the leaders should eradicate the unpleasant behaviors in their midst before changing others. In schools, student leaders seem to have substantial influence on the rest of the students and improving their relationship would encourage change. Molding student leaders as positive role models would influence the behaviors of the other students. The teachers could set an example to the students for positive behaviors. Acting as a positive role model would help influence other employees to accept the proposed changes. The managers could influence the changes in the organization through practice and influence the other people to follow the example set to them. In groups, the group leaders influence the decisions for the group members while the spiritual leaders influence the choices of the congregation.




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