Paradigm Shifts of Western Civilization

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Paradigm Shifts of Western Civilization

            Civilization did not just come through a plan to modernity; rather it was through paradigm shifts that changed the way people thought. In the earlier ages, people had different thoughts such as roles played by women, which came to change and allow women to be viewed as equal to their male counterpart. However, this was not through agreement, but certain circumstances. Through such changes in thought and perspective, people during the renaissance age were able to come up with a new reality of doing things. These changes in thought have contributed many ideas that shaped the modern world. Modernity in western civilization has come as a result of paradigm shifts from the renaissance age precipitated by major events.

One paradigm change from the renaissance ages is in the role of women in society. Women were regarded as people who only stayed back at home to cook for their husbands and take care of their children. Their roles were limited to the house chores, and rarely did they go out for other jobs. However, during the revolution in America, when the British were fighting with Americans, many women had to travel with their men while others were left at home. Those who traveled with their men were served with the responsibility of cooking for them. However, in other instances, when the war intensified, women could help their husbands in cooking. Back at home, women were supposed to take care of themselves since men were out in battlefields. Soon, they realized they could take equal responsibilities with men. After the wars, women did not agree to go back to be just housewives, and activism started to empower women. Though this took long, the war caused a paradigm change.

The reformation in the 16th century brought another change where people realized that they could acquire knowledge in other means except those taught by the church. Before the reformation took place concerning the Roman Catholics, all people learnt what was taught by the church and had no idea that knowledge could come from elsewhere. However, after reformation, people realized that they could come up with their own thoughts and discussions outside the ideas imposed by the church. This resulted to many ideas from different people concerning living a more fulfilling life. The aftermath of the reformation was protestant churches. In addition, churches were separated from governments later because of this reformation. This resulted to the church keeping away from government matters to provide religious services only. This also resulted in other paradigm shifts concerning how learning took place.

A paradigm shift occurred where learning was formalized to movement to cities. After the reformation, people contributed many ideas concerned with sciences, arts, humanities, where people were paid for coming up with ideas. This resulted in the creation of cities where more and more people came together, and unity came in. This forced people to have formal learning, which we know today, where they studied religion arts sciences and social issues. People now knew that learning could be formalized, with the advent of typewriters books could be produced easily and cheaply, enhancing learning. The renaissance age paradigm shifts were concerned with the efficiency and effectiveness of learning and acquiring knowledge to build the society.

In the modern society, a paradigm shift is caused by the advent of the internet. This was though other inventions such as the computers, which without there could be no internet. However, the paradigm shift has occurred through the ability to access information even more easily through the internet, and even publishing to other people effortlessly. In addition, there are more people paid to think of newer ideas just as during the renaissance period. This has changed people’s perspective concerning learning and living, since trade has also intensified, and people now know no country can survive on its own. The shift to modernity has been through such paradigm changes, some big and some small, but all contribute to creating bigger paradigm shifts that affect the whole country to the whole globe.


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