Paul Chesler Case

Posted: August 12th, 2013





Paul Chesler Case

Part 1

The hitches in the production department had to be addressed as soon as possible. Customers had to be guaranteed that product quality would not be compromised. The issue of high pressure in the Greasex cans had to be solved for the last time. My first step would be to make a quality statement and issue it across the affected departments. My first contact shall be the manufacturing manager. I shall outline to him the need for a replacement of some of the equipment currently in use and the need to make sure that the material used was of the best quality. As the director of quality assurance, I shall proceed to create a blueprint. The blueprint shall be the guiding framework for the changes I would like to see. Such changes would include the replacement of defective machinery, and the creation of a quality-oriented attitude in all the key departments.

To solve these problems, I shall require information. Primarily, I shall need information on alternative manufacturers of the filling head so that we could find a suitable replacement. Another vital piece of information would be to find out from the product design and packaging department whether it was possible to design the Greasex cans in a different way other than the contour design. I shall also require information from the Manager on the possibility of replacing all defective machinery. This shall include information on whether the financial standing of the company can allow for servicing or replacement of the filling equipment. This information would be very important in helping me chart an effective and informed course of action. With this information, I shall have several alternatives to choose from, the first will be to create an organizational transformation oriented towards observing quality. Second will be to call for the replacement or servicing of defective machinery and my last alternative will be to have them design a different type of can that will not cause problems and seek different suppliers of the nozzles.

From the alternatives above, the most effective alternative will be to focus on quality-oriented service. My focus will be on changing personnel attitude towards quality. Most people in the company are more oriented towards meeting their daily production targets and satisfying customer orders, rather than ensuring that products are of the best quality. This, in turn, leads to a rush to produce even if the outcome is a defective product. The best way to deal with such a problem will be to establish quality requirements for each department, which must be adhered. All departmental heads must ensure that whatever leaves their stage of production meets the necessary quality requirements. For example, the purchasing department must ensure that the nozzle heads of the Greasex containers purchased are of the required standard. The product design team should carry out credible tests on the Greasex can in order to find out whether the contours affect can pressure. Such tests should also be carried out on any other subsequent designs.

The plan of action will involve

–         Organizing departmental briefings where supervisors and departmental heads will be educated on the importance of maintaining product quality

–         In these briefings, they shall be reminded of the hazards defective products may cause to customers and

–         The need to avoid as much as possible even the most minor of defects

–         These briefings shall happen every fortnight and personnel will be required to record any new problems that they may have encountered, which might compromise product quality

–         All defective equipment, such as the filling head of the filling equipment shall be replaced

–         Each department shall also be notified of the necessary quality requirements that they are supposed to maintain


Part 2

Fishbone diagram

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