Peer review

Posted: November 28th, 2013

Peer review

The author is carrying out studies on game theory. He selected gambling because it applies to game theory. The objective of this study is to establish whether game theory is used in poker and how it works. The theory has ways of evaluate a player’s strategies. It is determined by opponents and the state of the player. There are different types of tactics used in this game. For example, the unexploitable strategy is good at defense. It protects a player from losing large numbers of chips and winning in small numbers. The exploitable strategy is used by players who want to be overall winners. However, these are not the only strategies that are applicable. Different players use different ways of winning the game. This is why it is a gamble because no one is assured of winning. Poker game comprises of different levels of players. The lowest level is that of beginners who concentrate on the fundamentals of the game. This includes understanding the rules of the game, mastering hand values and being decisive in difficult situation. The main reason of poker theory is to assist the players to be critical thinkers and reason rationally. This is not necessary only in the game but also in life generally. The book concentrates on the theory of playing this game. However, it does not exactly teach tactics of playing this game. It only shows how game theory is used. A player, who does not watch his opponent and calculate a wise move, is likely to be defeated. Similarly, if the opponent moves according to his opponent, he is likely to win the game. This game requires a lot of determination and deep concentration for the players. Playing poker enhances skills like observance and patience, which are important in this game. This proposal clearly states its objectives and describes how to carry out the whole study. It has a comprehensive description of poker and how it is related to the game theory. Anyone who does not know about it will read the proposal and understand. The proposal lacks the quotes, and examples. It would be helpful to include them because they add support to the facts in the proposal. The proposal is also very brief. It should be included with more information about poker and game theory. The proposal has a clear objective. There should other few objectives, which should be formulated. They should be more specific and assist in achieving the main objective. The author should have shown the relationship between game theory and poker. Game theory is about the study of making strategic decisions. An individual has to think critically and make a wise decision. Poker involves strategic decision making, just like game theory. Game theory is mainly used in areas where the concept of gambling is concerned. For example, it applies in politics, psychology and logic. Just like poker, politics are sometimes not predictable. This is why politicians apply game theory to increase their chances. Poker is also related to sequential move game. It is also about using strategy and making decisions, which will increase winning chances. The players choose a certain order of playing. The next player are expected to watch the moves of the current players.   . Poker is not only good for recreation but also educative. It makes the players to think critically and make wise decisions. Acquisition of these skills can be applied in other areas of life. It encourages interaction with diverse people and learning new skills from each other. Poker is not meant for personal gains only. There are tournaments meant for charity work. People play and donate funds to the society. The game is mindful about community service. It is interesting and exciting to watch a poker game because it is unpredictable and both teams hope to win. This topic was a good choice and a nice way to start the research.

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