Perfect Government Project

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Perfect Government Project

I scored 40% on personal issues and 30% on economic issues, in the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. This score placed as a Centrist. Centrist view about government control depends on the issue or situation. They do not support political extremes. The government should censor, speech, media and internet in a limited way, such that it does not impose too much on the privacy of people. People should be given the right to choose whether they want to join military or not.

However, there should be barriers to international trade, in order to protect local businesses, by limiting the amount of imports. Government welfare is also necessary, in order to support the poor and people with disabilities. My government is going to a little to the left, a government that provides services to its people at a limited amount. It should provide security, a good transport system, education. It should also ensure that there is a good supply of food, power, such as electricity.

The government will also create jobs and support the funding of new businesses at a limited amount. There will also be government welfare. This should be limited so that people do become lazy and start relying effortlessly and wholly on the government welfare. Government services to the citizens will be satisfying or just enough. This would ensure that the people do not become too reliant on the government, hence practice independence at some level, for example, by creating self-employment, private businesses and institutions.

My type of government might be worst kind of government for some people, such as the liberals, who support freedom of choice in personal matters. My government will interfere on personal matters at a limited range, for example, on the issue of sex between consenting adults. This would depend on the relationship. Incest will not be allowed. It will also be worst kind of government for Libertarians. In order for my government to provide services, it will have to charge taxes. However, the taxes will only be just enough to provide for the services and they will be imposed on everyone who is working.



The flag of All United

The name of my nation will be “All United”. This name represents a nation that includes the citizens in its decision-making. The nation will also be made up of people from different diversities and cultures, as one people. I believe that it is easier to work an amount of people that is not too small, an amount of people that would be easy to affect change on and the size of a nation that can easily influence other nations. Change should be done one-step at a time; hence, it would start from one nation. It would be size as that of a medium country. Therefore, free from discrimination. My nation will be in an island.

This would be a good place to start new, without so much influence from the rest of the world. The island would have to be rich, in terms of the environment, for example, enough water and food in the land. The statement of purpose for the country is, “As a people of All United, we thereby pass this constitution, to preserve equality, fairness, peace, security and provide welfare for the people and the nation.” My country is lead by the president. He leads the country following the laws of the constitution. The council proposes the laws of the country, which are passed as a constitution by the citizens.

The council is a group of forty people. The group constitutes of different age groups, from 25 years to 65years. This will ensure that the laws passed on are inclusive of everyone in the community. It would also ensure of the country’s growth in terms of the laws passed on and the welfare of the country at large. There is another group, the higher court. This group constitutes of members representing the government and members representing the citizens. This group is made up of twelve people at a ratio of one is to one. The group handles cases between the government and the citizens. The higher court also controls how the council conducts itself and how it governs the country.

The constitution however is passed on through voting by citizens. The members of the council are chosen by the level of education, their contribution to the community and through voting by the members of the council and the higher court. The Rights of the citizens will be; one can say whatever you want, as long as your speech is free of discrimination and does not intentionally insult a fellow person. You can vote for anyone you want. Every child should be allowed to learn. Parents can make decisions concerning their children as long as they child is below 18 years, and choose another president, council and higher court, if the current one does not abide by the laws set.

The most important thing I learnt from this project is that running a country is not an easy task. It can only be successful, if ran by a group of people who have the same objective and are united. I would have a better understanding of rights, if the impact they have on people could have been expanded. For example, if the rights some rights or the government did not exist, how would it affect a nation.

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