Personal Ethics Development Paper

Posted: August 13th, 2013

Personal Ethics Development Paper




Personal Ethics Development Paper

Ethics have been central to my social interactions in the work place, school settings and informal social interactions. I apply ethics based on the circumstances and the needs towards such application. This is primarily informed by experiences and my social surrounding towards such conduct. The primary ethical system that I apply on a daily basis is the virtue-based system. This is informed by the social standards of conduct in the community. In addition, this has been central towards the development of central ideals in my social interactions and my behavior towards the society and all aspects of my social interactions such as in institutions, workplace and informal settings. In addition my duties towards specific issues is bound by aspects of duty based ethics in that I am bound by my obligations and ideals towards ensuring achievement of specific goals and objectives (Jones, Parker, & Bos, 2005).

Virtue ethics and duty-based ethics are central in my conduct within the workplace since they inform my immediate interactions and decisions in the workplace. This is an illustration that my duties and virtues guide my conduct and execution of tasks provided by management. I adhere to the workplace rules and regulations based on the demands from society to adhere to the management set out goals and demands. Social interactions and community ideals and standards have been central towards the development of my ethical system (Jones, Parker, & Bos, 2005). This is informed by the fact that all my interactions are determined by the conduct of the community and the respective ideals held for effective social interactions. This has also been affirmed by the religious beliefs of the community, which determine that majority of conduct and the ethical conduct. My ethical conduct has been informed primarily by the effects of my ethical conduct on my social interactions and benefits accrued from ethical conduct. In addition, social interactions with the fusion of cultural beliefs and modernization have also been central towards my shift from cultural ethical considerations to a liberal view of ethics and ethical conduct (Treviño, & Nelson, 2011).

Religion is considered as central in my community and majority if not all conducted and ethical considerations are informed by religious and ethical standards. Hence, all of my social interactions are connected to religious standards and the relative ethical considerations. My duties in the work place are also informed by my duty ethics system in that I am obligated to execute my functions with respect to the demands held in terms of service delivery and execution of duties in the workplace (Jones, Parker, & Bos, 2005). Ensuring that my obligations and duties in the workplace are paramount ensures that I am able to adhere to the expectations of the management to deliver high quality work through appropriate conduct. In addition, this affects my individual performance as well as the performance of other employees in the workplace towards delivery of high quality work to the organization (Treviño, & Nelson, 2011).

Ethics are important in the entity in that they provide employees with a high sense of responsibility towards service delivery and execution of duties and tasks delegated by the management in the workplace. In addition, the employees are also able to observe a high standard of professionalism in the organization, which ensures that the entity is able to deliver services to its clients based on utmost level of professionalism (Treviño, & Nelson, 2011). The use of virtue ethics ensures that the employees as well as the members of the community uphold a high sense of integrity rather than the focus on selfish individual needs. In addition, the organization benefits from such ideals as the employees uphold a high sense of responsibility in their actions within the organization. This provides a precedent in terms of the employee actions in the execution of their duties and tasks delegated to them. My obligations to the organization the community and myself are achieved using the duty-based ethics system resulting in benefits for all within my social interactions.




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