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Posted: August 13th, 2013

Personal Health Experience




Personal Health Experience


Personal health is the metabolic efficiency and the overall health of an individual’s mind and body. Health can be defined as the wellbeing of psychological and physical characteristics. The three components essential to a healthy body include a balanced diet, regular physical exercise and self-awareness. These three elements are the core of a healthy body. In human beings, health is the normal and stable condition of person’s spirit, body, and mind. An individual would be at good or best of his personal health when he is free from any injury, pain or illness. It is a state where one enjoys their life by maintaining good health. Most humans are unaware of the importance of health and if some of them realize it, they still do not give it the importance it deserves.

Mind is the key essence of having a healthy body. We need to realize that we may not achieve the state of perfection but what we can achieve is being healthy. The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined the health as a complete mental, physical, and social well-being of an individual and not just the absence of any physical or mental weakness. A healthy body is critical to the satisfaction that most of the humans look for. I have also taken help from the health sciences in order to maintain my deteriorating health by taking or adopting number of measures. From my own experiences, I have learned that the improvement, progress and maintenance of the health can be achieved through a combination mental, physical, and social well-being, which is also known as a health triangle. Health can be taken as a positive concept that emphasizes on the well-being of physical and personal resources and social mechanisms (World Health Organization, 1946).

In past few years, I did not have sufficient knowledge about the personal health and I do not know that how to maintain a good health. I did not care about my eating habits and essential physical activities, which led me to the severe obesity. My poor knowledge about personal health has led me towards the poor mental, social and physical health. As I did not have any idea that how specific nutrition could be as essential for the growth and fitness of my body. I used to prefer the food that was easy to cook such as ready meals or fast foods regardless of the level of nutrients, which I am taking. At that point, I was unaware what type of danger I was causing to my health.

I was unaware about the importance of diet plans and physical exercise. By eating such an imbalance diet including fast foods and ready meals had made me obese. After the consistent use of this diet, I have realized that I am gaining weight too fast. However, before I only considered that I am in a good health not knowing the fact that what a danger I am posing on myself. My weight had been increased to an extent that no weight loss medicine, exercise and diet plan could make me happy or satisfied. Furthermore, I was also not involved in any physical activity such as running and exercise.

At last, I have realized that I am gaining huge or dump of weight day by day, which was an expected problem or disease due to my consumption of improper diet and lack of any physical activity. I had also suffered from many health issues and complications related to my body weight (World Health Organization, 2006). It has been scientifically proved that health is not only improved and maintained by the application and advancement of the Health science, but also through the individual’s efforts and his choices of lifestyle.

According to the report released by the World Health Organization shows that the main determinants of health include the economic environment, individual characteristics or behaviors, social factors and the person’s physical environment. The report further depicts that the key factors that highly influence on the individual’s health include environments, metabolism, genetics, family history and eating habits. The report summarized the major reasons of worldwide health problems. According to many nutrition experts, in order to stay healthy you should take the balanced diet consist of less number of calories. Moreover, you should also involve in some sort of physical activities in order to consume the calories on the regular basis. In contrast, my life style was very lazy and effortless despite of my cholesterol, calories and fat filled diet.

I was not doing any physical exercise, which further played its part in damaging my health conditions. In fact, ninety percent of my diet was composed of Calories, carbohydrates and fats. My family members also love to eat different types of meat dishes in their diet such as geese and pork, so I have also developed this habit and ruined my body structure or health. In the early life, all my habits are against what the nutrition experts suggest to remain healthy and fat free. Research has also shown that people can improve their health and maintain a healthy body weight by exercise, having enough sleep, avoiding smoking, and limiting the use of alcohol and eating fresh and healthy food.

In my lifestyle, I never used to do any exercises and I was engaged myself in drinking and spending sleepless nights, in the corridors of the nightclubs and with my friends. My motive was to go drinking at least four times in a week to enjoy the life and company of my friends. Since my father and mother used to work away from home, I had that much freedom to do what I wanted. Consequently, the environment is often an important factor that had influenced me a lot. In my surroundings there was not any recreational activity that could draw my attention or engage me some intellectual and physical exercise. This was also one of the reasons of my obesity, which made me idle, dumb and lazy as well.

When my health status was deteriorating and I confronted with many health issues such as heart strokes, bones problem and difficulty in my respiration then I decided to visit a doctor for treatment and to take the subsequent advice on how to manage my weight. The nutrition expert or physician had suggested me a weight loss diet plan and regular physical exercise such as walking and running on the treadmill, just to mention a few. The physician had also made be aware about the consequences of the obesity, he told me that obesity can lead towards the number of other life taking diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure bones problem and heart strokes, just to mention a few. He also informed me that obesity is the root cause of such diseases, which can cost your life.

He had suggested me to pay attention towards my diet and physical exercise and recommended that to take healthy food that could be beneficial in reducing the risk of diabetes, bones problem and heart strokes, etc which always have greater chances of their occurrence in obese people (World Health Organization, 45). Weight loss occurs when an individual is in a state of negative thermodynamic flux or when the body is exerting more energy in metabolism than it is consuming from food and other nutritional supplements. This condition compels the body to utilize the stored reserves from muscles, which leads towards the reduced body weight.

Normally this was uncommon to me, and I was immediately put to ideal body loss activities like taking daily exercises to improve my physical performance. In order to meet these requirements, there was no other option than changing my lifestyle and start engaging myself in active sports. Moreover, the doctor gave me health plans and various recipes that he thought could be useful and helpful for my weight loss. When I gave my doctor the list of meals I was taking, he was amazed on the danger to which I exposed myself. He designed a diet plan for me and recommended me to take caloric so that they could increase my hyperactivity. When I started implementing this planned diet, I felt some change however; the expected results were not immediate.

The desired results came after a while. I followed all advises of the doctor to get the desired results but, it I had difficulties following them. I followed advises religiously as they were designed for my benefits. He advised me to take reliable weight loss calories to reduce my weight. He suggested me to take at least 1200 calories per day for reduction in body weight. Moreover, a nutritionist advised me to take low calorie foodstuffs also known as percent diets. This diet plan was better than previous diet plans because it had fewer side effects. The physical activity i.e. moderate exercise as advised by the doctor enhanced the performance of this diet plan. The doctor gave some suggestions on how to avoid foods with high sugar content.

He elaborated that the excessive use of alcohol and meals with excessive fattening content were the major factors in increasing my weight. He also explained the role of stress and boredom in my weight gain. He recommended me to take meals with high fiber to regulate bowels functions. He also prescribed some weight loss supplements. He informed me that the intake of these supplements would decrease the amount stomach fats. The effect of this particular plan was positive. The weight loss exercises are sometimes difficult to carryout for someone who is not a habitual exerciser. It was a tough period for me, as it required proper guidance, care and commitment. I had great difficulty in following these strict instructions.

I followed the diet plans under the supervision of my parents. They helped me in following my diet plan, medication and suggested exercises. The doctor believed that I might be careless in following his advises so, he asked my parents to closely monitor my activities. During this time, my routine affected my parents, siblings and friends. My parents were the most affected from all, as it disturbed their daily professional and personal activities. They made sure that I am taking medicines regularly and doing my exercises as well.

My parents were the most affected from all, as it disturbed their daily professional and personal activities. They made sure that I am taking medicines regularly and doing my exercises as well. Moreover, their moral support also played its part in keeping me motivated during tough times. They spent all of their possible resources for my physical, social and psychological treatment. My friends were also worried and played their due part whenever I needed their help. The role of healthcare treatment is pivotal in dealing with complications of weight gain. The nutritionist, who helps in formulating diet plan, is important to success of this program. In addition, social circle is vital in keeping you motivated, to carry out the grueling activities of the weight loss program. Moreover, psychologists are also helpful not only for the patient but for his/her guardians’ as well.


I would like to describe my experience. I faced many challenges in an effort to reduce my weight but I knew if I meet them, my deteriorating health would be greatly benefited. I was engaged in many medication activities that involved social, physical and psychological treatments. All these treatments resulted in a great boost to my life. The role of health care cannot be ignored in improving my health situation, which was cause of real concern for my friends, siblings, and most importantly my parents.

My advice to the people who are undergoing their health rehabilitation program should not underestimate the role of psychiatrist. He/she will play a major role in shaping your mental toughness. Mental toughness is important not only to meet the challenge of physical activities but also to face the criticism. I encountered a lot of criticism while going through the phases I mentioned. The psychiatrist will help you in restoring the self-belief that you might had lost due to the health problems. The communication gap should not be created between the parties going under these processes. Anyone going through the program should explain any problem he/she might be encountering. This is also applicable on the other parties involved in the program.

In the end, I just want to advice everyone that health is the most important aspect of life. It should be taken care of. A healthy body is the core of happiness in life. Therefore, everyone should look after his / her health. Three things will play a major role in achieving the healthy body. They include regular physical activity, balanced diet and healthy social activities. Individuals who have already damaged their health and now looking for ways to rehabilitate it should prepare themselves for a tough period. They should have an aim in mind and get committed to it.

Before starting this program, they should research for a best doctor, nutritionist and psychiatrist. They might face a phase where they think of quitting the program but if they remain committed, the result will start to show up. One more characteristic they need to exhibit is patience. The results will show up immediately after starting the program. In some cases, they might show up early but in most cases the program gradually improves the health conditions provided the patient remains committed and disciplined. The rehabilitation program will be tough but it will help immensely in improving your health condition.


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