Personal Progress Report

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Personal Progress Report

            At the beginning of my human relations, class I chose two skills that I needed to improve on in the course of nine weeks. These two skills were self-control and time management. These skills are essential towards my development with respect to my schoolwork and career. Over the period of my skill improvement program, I have been able to learn and apply other skills. I have also marked great improvement in time management and self-control. However, I have also encountered numerous but productive challenges in my efforts towards self-improvement.

I chose to improve on my self-control because I had difficulty in being disciplined in areas such as finances (Alqahtani). This proved crucial to my development and made me miss several opportunities. In addition, I was facing financial challenges because of my impulsive and irrational use of money. For instance, I would get my salary and spend it on unimportant items at the mall. Consequently, I would not be able to buy food or buy gas for my car. In addition, achieving self- control would help me save some money from my job. This would go a long way in keeping me financially secure.

I also decided to improve on my time management skills because I had issues dealing with deadlines and schoolwork. Without time management skills, I found myself falling back on class work and other important issues such as rent. Working with deadlines was a tedious and stressful process too. I would postpone work that I found hard and spend the time at the expense of activities I found more interesting. However, when the deadline approached, I would spend long hours and sleepless nights on assignments. For instance, the personal action plan assignment was a difficult task for me because of the last minute rush. The consequences of poor time management were also clear in my schoolwork, as I would get poor grades because of rushed and poor assignments.

My improvement program was set on long term and short term goals. The process towards goal achievement was difficult at first. However, once I adjusted to the system I was successful in achieving my goals. The process of goal formulation is the first step towards skill improvement (Lussier, 122)). My short-term goals were focused on opening a savings account; prepare a schedule that guides important activities such as paying bills and budget my finances. I was set to open a savings account within the first two weeks. However, I spent the money at the mall. However, I corrected this and opened an account on the third week.

My schedule also worked well and there no more delays in payment of bills and other necessities. I now pay all bills immediately after receiving my salary. I have also saved up enough cash for future use. I have also reduced on my spontaneous spending. My short time goals in relation to time management have also been considerably successful. I established the objective of completing tasks before the set time. This was cumbersome in the beginning as I did my first class task last minute. However, I started on the outline assignment that was due on 20th of October immediately after the instructor gave us. I successfully finished the work before hand and avoided the last minute rush. Finish early also helps me to review my work and correct mistakes.

My long-term goal was to manage my whole month’s budget and reducing the deficits. Keeping a proper budget is essential in ensuring financial security. At the beginning, my budget includes shopping, rent and other bills, leisure time and emergency. These aspects were put in order of priority and necessity. For instance paying bills and utilities was more important as compared to spending time with my friends. I am still working on this goal. However, I have marked major progress as I have been keenly using my budget in all my financial needs. I am now able to get my salary and buy things in order of priority. I have also reduced on unnecessary buying. I am also successful in my long-term goal to finish tasks on time.

My original action plan has been resourceful in assisting me improve on my skills. The action work helped me accomplish my goals. Creation of short-term and long-term goals was also one of the key areas that were instrumental towards my personal development. The goal to create a budgetary system to in order to keep track of my money was the most effective and efficient method. It helped me practice self-discipline and avoid unnecessary inconveniences caused by lack of self-control. The schedule for my time management skills also helped me monitor how my time is used. Consequently, I am aware of what I am supposed to do and when I am supposed to do it.

However, I faced various obstacles in the implementation of my long-term and short-term goals. The challenges were related in the implementation process. Preparing my budget proved difficult because my previous spending influenced my financial capability. Therefore, my initial budget was short of some considerable amount of money. In addition, adjusting to a new program was a complicated procedure. Time management schedules also differed with the other basic activities such as schoolwork. I therefore changed my time schedule to the corresponding school activities and schoolwork. In addition, I changed my budget because I have become more disciplined in the use of my finances.

I would not consider changing my original action plan. This is because it offers me a new challenge towards personal development. I would particularly attribute this to my long-term and short-term goals. These goals set the basis for my action plan. In addition, I formulated them to suit my personal strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, changing my plan would be detrimental to the progress I have made so far. In addition, my two areas of weakness have improved tremendously because of the work plan. However, I could consider changing my time schedule to suit the general changes that have occurred during the semester and incorporate some leisure time.

My next step is to integrate the lessons learnt in the course of my skill development into my social and school life. However, I have been able to improve on my self-control and time management, my social life still influences these components. Therefore, applying time management into productive co-curricular activities will also help me acquire new skills. These new skills will be critical in the process toward maximum self-control and proper time management. In addition, I have also integrated the element of teamwork in working with other people and influencing each other towards effective skill development.

In conclusion, the skill development plan is a good approach towards personal growth. Though there are challenges in the process, the benefits outweigh the implications involved. Consequently, the outcome is skill improvement. In addition, I have acquired new skills such as flexibility, imitative, self-motivation and teamwork. The process of personal skill improvement is not an event but a continuous learning experience. These are invaluable towards achieving productive relationships with other people.





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