Personal Security

Posted: September 3rd, 2013

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Personal Security

Internet’s Perception of the Program

The internet perceives this software as a child and employee-monitoring software put in place in order to record all passwords, emails, chat, keystrokes and other activities that require the use of a keyboard. Such functional keys as ctrl and alt are also recorded.

When to Use an On-Screen Keyboard

The major use of an on-screen keyboard is to allow the users to type even without the presence of a physical keyboard. The on-screen keyboard is also used as an emulation software’s features. This commonly occurs in systems incorporation fewer buttons as compared to a normal computer keyboard. In most cases, they are used by people who have disabilities. Multi-lingual or bi-lingual computer users frequently use this device. This is because they frequently move between diverse alphabets or character sets. Its ease in manipulation according to the user’s likes/preferences also makes it convenient for security purposes. Such features are not found in the normal keyboard.

When to use a Scrambler

Scramblers aids in the inversion or transposing of signals. In other words, they encode messages in order to make them incomprehensible for those lacking the appropriate devices to unscramble them. However, these devices are mostly used in the analog system. Scramblers can therefore be used in facilitation of the clock recovery process. These also include other circuits that are adaptive and the automatic gain control. In order to eliminate the dependency on the power spectrum signal where the precise transmitted data takes place, one might also use the scramblers. This makes the data more dispersed.

Strengths of Keypass

One of the main strengths is that it allows the translation of all the utility content. These contents include buttons, options, and menus. It also has a reliable security system that is frequently used by users globally. Additionally, the mode with Keypass is simple to use yet it does not compromise security. This makes it a good use for both individual and corporations. Keypass can also be customized to one’s language. This makes it relevant to the majority of the people living globally.

Keypass Weaknesses

It still has a security risk since it is not a hundred percent secure way of securing the computers.

Why I would use it

I would use Keypass because it is easy to use at an individual user’s level yet it does not compromise security. I can also customize it to another language apart from English thus minimize the security risks.

Public Key Associated with the digital Certificate

The certificate conveying the public key is associated with identified individuals therefore, unidentified individuals may not be able to view the public key. Additionally, if the certificate is not issued by a trusted authority, there will be difficulty in the key’s distribution.

Embedding public key in a digital certificate

This action allows the protection of the public key from impersonators. This is done by linking and binding the public key with ones identity.

Expiration Date of the Root Certificate

Root certificates are superior to the web certificates since they are given by certificate authorities. The root certificate are required if a company is to be issued the web certificate. For this reason since the root certificate are long-term, they will have a longer expiry date as compared to the short-term web certificates

Trusted Root Certification Authority

This is an entity, which verifies digital certificates through a trust chain. It acts like the trust anchor.

Why so many Root Certification Authorities

Apart from it being a business, there are different activities globally using digital devices. With the inclusion of commerce in the system, the authorities take care of the growing demands. However, fraudulent authorities are also present. People need to know the difference.

How to effect on-line personal security

on-line security is a requisite in personal security settings. The adoption of proper patch management ,personal firewall settings and windows encryption is the first step here. After completion of the last step,Qualys,belarc and windows installation for the required operating system should be checked.






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