Personal statement

Posted: September 3rd, 2013


Personal statement




Personal Statement

I have always had a desire to study and know more about business. Ever since I was young, I have always imagined myself as a prominent business personality, contributing generously to the revolution of the corporate world. After graduating from high school, I joined Foothill College in California. This is where I am currently. I am undertaking a two-year study that entails pursuing numerous business courses. After the two-year period, I intend to transfer university and undertake a major in communication. Communication is fundamental, especially in business, where a person has to interact with many people. Learning to communicate effectively with other people will enhance my career. My interest for the corporate world led me to pursue excellence. This pursuit is what prompted my longing to transfer to the University of Washington.

My great concentration in the field of business stems from my rich cultural background. I grew up in Hong Kong. Here, there is a unique blend of the Chinese and Western cultures. This exposure sparked my desire to interact more with different cultures and personalities. I aspire to venture into the business world and more precisely in the line of Public Relations. I believe in this line, I will maximize on one of my passions, which is working with people. In the last couple of years, I have come to learn and understand that building relationships with people will help you serve them better. Thus, acquiring communication skills will give me an edge above the rest.

My participation in the Student Government of Foothill College has boosted my confidence and determination to take communication as my major. Joining the Student Government during the first year of college gave me the opportunity of meeting diverse people. My interaction with individuals form different states, backgrounds and cultures fostered a tendency of striving to communicate considerately. I researched a lot concerning the different cultures .This ensured that while communicating with them, I was not offensive in any way but rather effective. A deeper understanding of these diverse cultures caused my passion for people to grow tremendously.

In the Student Government, I held the position of Program manager. It allowed me to act as a public relations person. This position fostered a healthy relationship between the students and the governing body. I also visited other campuses and exchanged ideas on how to improve our learning institutions. The interactions enabled me to widen my knowledge in areas like marketing and advertising.

I was also the Marketing Coordinator under the marketing team. The team was responsible for the promotion of campus activities and events. In many instances, I discovered that regardless of the field of study, communication is an important skill. The success of any team requires effective communication. These invaluable experiences could not be acquired by just reading scholarly books provided in a course outline.

I believe majoring in communication would suit me the most. It will help me to dig deeper into real-world situations by focusing on the need for interpretation and presentation of information. Communication skills can later be expanded to a number of diverse subjects not only confined to business. These fields are like those touching on social and environmental issues.


As an Asian, I have always felt like others hold the view that we Asians are rather shy and passive individuals. We are looked at as people who are unable to effectively represent and share our ideas. On the contrary, I posses exceptional communication skills. Growing up in Hong Kong largely contributed to the development of these skills. The small beautiful city attracts many tourists from different nations. It displays a mixture of Western and Eastern cultures. Apart from Chinese, English, Cantonese and Mandarin are also widely spoken in Hong Kong. I enjoyed meeting different people and the intercultural interactions enabled me to master effective communication skills. The multiplicity of culture has also contributed to Hong Kong’s growth in business.

One of the things that appeal to me about this university is its diversity in terms of its students. Since 1861, the University of Washington has been known to admit students from all over the world. Its diversity will help in fostering the growth of my skill in communication and building interpersonal relationships. This will also broaden my perspective of life. Having an open mind will stimulate my levels of creativity. The institution will not only impart knowledge, but will also challenge and encourage me to soar above my comfort zone. This point of view really excites me. It gives me a drive and great determination to join the University of Washington.

Another aspect that fascinates me about the University of Washington is that it offers multiple courses for communication students. The honors program also provides students with more challenging courses that enable them to have a broader study of the fields that they major in. The university also gives exemplary learning materials that stimulate students to excel in their field of study. In my opinion, this is what creates competent individuals for the job market.

Despite the high ranking of the University of Washington, I believe its learning environment, courses, and people appeals to me the most. These conditions will catapult me to becoming the influential business personality that I aspire to be. I look forward to joining the institution. This is because the institution offers a first class communication course. The high quality of education will prepare me to venture successfully into the business world. The university also gives opportunities for individuals to be student ambassadors of various clubs and societies. A chance like this will enable me to travel widely and enhance my public relations skills. With the many student organizations on campus, I will be able to build on my leadership skills. For the above reasons, I am convinced that the University of Washington is the best place for me to be.

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