Personality type

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Personality type






Personality type

            Personality refers to a person’s specific pattern of feeling, thinking and acting.  Various aspects of an individual’s personality are essential in the determination and assessment of career choice and development. The Carl Jung personality test has set the basis of determination under four main themes. Every person makes use of these preferences from time to time but a particular preference can feel more natural. After taking the self-assessment test, I am an INTJ and my results were as follows;

  • Introvert 56%. This means that I have a moderate dislike for extraversion over introversion.
  • Intuitive 25%. This means that I have a moderate preference to intuition over sensing.
  • Intuitive feeling 38%. This means I have a moderate inclination towards thinking over feelings.
  • Judging 56%. This means that I have moderate preference towards judging.

The test was instrumental in the revelation of my personality and how it can be related to my career choice and development. Combination of an individual’s preferences in the four areas constitutes the personality type (Buss, 2012). In terms of extraversion, the assessment indicates that my personality is slightly inclined towards the inner world that does not engage activities and people. Therefore, my focus is on internal events gives me the energy for my career activities. Moderate preference towards intuition is an indicator that I prefer to perceive information on the “bigger picture” contrary to specific facts and the actual events. Therefore, my perception of information focuses on connection and relationships between facts.

In terms of feeling and thinking my personality is more inclined on the latter. This shows that my decision making capabilities and process is based on elements that are more important to me. I am not influenced by external forces such as people and their experiences. Therefore, I am driven by my own principles and beliefs. The aspect of judging and perception is related to how individuals orient themselves to the outer world.  My personality is biased on the aspect of judging. Ultimately, I undertake do not posses a strong, spontaneous and flexible approach towards various concepts.

My personality traits are more directed toward careers that are suited in grasping theories that are complex. In addition, these complex theories are applied to specific problems that will formulate effective long-term strategies. The possible career paths include; engineering, science, medicine, law and management. The test therefore reveals some of the major features of my personality that are strengths while also highlighting major weaknesses. Some of my strengths include;

  • High level of understanding extremely complex material and theories.
  • Efficient strategist
  • Value efficiency and knowledge
  • Analytical
  • Innovative and resourceful.

These personality traits are important when integrated in to my career choice. Work related activities will be undertaken with the most suitable policies and strategies. Therefore, the overall outcome of my work will be effective and efficient as driven by the strengths in my personality traits. Carrying out numerous projects and activities will be fundamental in helping me increase my strengths. However, my weaknesses can prove to be a huddle towards successful career development. These weaknesses are

  • Valuing my personal opinion over others
  • Extremely logical.
  • Preference to work alone.

In order to work extensively and efficiently at the work place, it is necessary for employees to work collaboratively. Therefore, my personality is derailed by my individuality. In addition, organizational success is determined by the integration of various ideas and concepts from the staff. Therefore, valuing my personal opinion may prove to be dictatorial and intrusive to fellow staff. I should engage in activities that require group involvement and contribution in order to understand and apply the concept of team work. These activities include sports and group activities in class. The knowledge of my personality motivates me towards improving my talent and skills.



Buss, A. H. (2012). Pathways to individuality: Evolution and development of personality traits. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

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