PERSUASIVE SPEECH, on the benefit of pornography

Posted: November 26th, 2013


1.         Pornography is much criticized in society by religious and moral grounds. however, it has its advantages. Its advantages and benefits are attributable to:

a. Couples, whether married or not, who practice sex.

i. Explore their sexuality

ii. Accept and love one another more

b. Individuals

i. Get their sex drive lowered and are better in control of their sex lives

ii. Get their self confidence increased

c. The society

i. Reduction of rape cases due to the reduction of the sex drive in individuals

ii. Cultural interaction and cohesion is encouraged















Advantages of Watching Pornography


Pornography can be described as the portraying of explicit sexual content with the purpose of sexual excitement, arousal, and erotic satisfaction. The media used in pornography include video games, photos, sculptures, postcards, films, videos, magazines, books, drawings, paintings, animations and sound recordings. However, there are instances when sexual acts are performed for a live audience and this is not termed as pornography. The depiction of sexual intercourse is what is known as pornography and not the act itself. Portrayals like striptease and shows for sex are hence not termed as pornography.

Pornography models are those who pose for the pornographic photographs. Pornographic films on the other hand are performed by pornography actors of pornography stars. Over the years, pornography has been subjected to various legal restraints regarding publication like censorship on the grounds that it is obscene. Grounds of censorship of pornography and its various definitions have had much difference in different contexts like cultural, national and historical contexts. Its production and consumption has however grown significantly with the current increase in the use of home video recording equipment and the internet. The society has also grown more tolerant of sexual portrayals. Pornography however, as much as it is criticized, has its advantages (Krayzelburg, 2011).


If watched by married couples or people who are courting it can have various advantages. Pornography can help a couple which is involved in sex to explore their sexuality. This has the advantage of drawing them closer to each other. They can also learn new positions and styles through the visualizations that they have. This in turn leads to sexual creativity in the bedroom. Pornography can also serve as a motivator in the couple’s bedroom, this is due to the various advantages that it offers, it makes a couple accept each other more and draw closer to each other.

In cases where a couple has one partner having low libido, it can be used by the therapist to increase the arousal and hence raise the libido. Several cases of erectile dysfunction have also been cured using a therapeutic application of pornography. The sexual experience of the couple can also be improved significantly by using pornography and it leads to the intensifying of the sexual orgasmic feelings. The sex life of the couple that uses pornography in their bedroom affairs also improves greatly and the reassuring feelings in both improve. The couples also long for each other more and accept each other better leading to a better and healthier relationship. Therefore when a couple has a better relationship, feelings of stress and inadequacy are repressed and they live a happier life (Baker and Wininger, 2008).

To an individual, pornography also has various benefits. The individual feels powerful and in control most times after such experiences. The individual’s excessive sex drives are lowered since it becomes a normal occurrence to them. The self confidence of an individual is also increased when pornography is used. After the use of pornography and pornographic materials, an individual becomes more aware of themselves and a sexual identity is acquired. The individual is also able to overcome guilt, shame and fears (Stoller, 2009).

Pornography also has certain benefits to the society. Rape cases in the society reduce since the individual sex drives are lowered. This also lowers the rate of sexual crimes in the society. Pornography models and stars or actors are also created. The pornography sector is also a rich sector in terms of payment and people in the society wishing to join the sector get very promising and rewarding careers. There also is cultural interaction that is brought about by pornography and the exchange of sexual norms and practices. This promotes socio-cultural cohesion. Pornography also encourages people to be able to freely talk about sex which is necessary. In medical practices, it is used in the treating and curing of several medical problems like erectile dysfunction and low libido (Dempsey, 2010).


As analyzed in the article, pornography has various benefits to the individual, society and to the couples who practice sex. The practice is seen by most members of the society as evil and wrong, however, if utilized properly, it can be used positively and productively and it can change the lives of many people to the better. Pornography is also shunned by most religions. This is wrong since the view of it as immoral is because of the negative publicity that it receives. Pornography is good.








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