police science

Posted: August 6th, 2013

Police administration

Essay 1

            The list of UCR crimes includes murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny theft and vehicle theft. When statistics for murder cases are being recorded, they include those of manslaughter too. The figure of murder currently reads beyond five hundred in New York. Rape cases are beyond one thousand. However, the trend shows they have reduced as the years have passed. For instance, in 1980, statistics for rape cases were three thousand seven hundred and eleven. In 2005, the figure had reduced to one thousand four hundred and twelve.


The department of homeland security has approximately 230,000employees. Community policing has three key elements that fall under organizational dimension, external elements and tactical elements. There are several more under these key elements such as inclusion of citizens. The broken window theory is based on the assumption that if a small crime is not responded to, it will result to more crime. Thus, criminal behavior could be termed as a lax in police force. The NYPD patrol bureau is concerned with planning, directing and coordinating of the police in uniform on their law enforcement patrol duties. The CIMS branch that requires having detectives for combating terrorist activities is the police department. The COPMSTAT was started in New York by Jack Maple when he was a transit police officer

Yes/ No Answers

1)      Did a riot occur in Los Angles in the 1992 over the beating of a black male motorist by police officers? Yes

2)      Did Police Commissioner Lee Brown bring Community Police to NYPD? Yes

3)      Is Police Administration a general term for police supervision and operations? No

4)      Are there five (5) branches in the CIMS model? No

5)      Is August Volmer considered the father of policing in America? Yes

6)      Is the NYPD Fusion center called the Command and Dissemination Center? No

7)      Is an example of domestic terrorism group Hamas? Yes

8)      Did Chief Justice Earl Warren take away many rights from criminal suspects? Yes

9)      Was SARA model first used by Sir Robert Peel in England Pendleton Reform? Yes

An example of a patrol function is conducting buy and bust operations. No

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