Population Density

Posted: August 7th, 2013

Population Density




Population Density

America has people from many cultures, tribes, races, and ethnicities. People from all over the world come to America, most of them in search of better opportunities in life. People have different political views, social ideologies, and they are from different economic backgrounds. This makes America one of the most heterogeneous countries in the world. Some states and cities are more popular than others are, and there is a dense population in these regions. This may be because of the many opportunities, such as employment, or because of better living conditions in these regions. Some people have learned to accommodate and live with each other, irrespective of their differences. However, others have a hard time coping, and they prefer socializing with people with whom they can identify.

In the densely populated areas, people have come up with rules on how to live together. These are not necessarily formal rules, and people do not write them down. They are a form of a system that enables people to live in unity. The American population continues to grow and become more diverse as people from different countries continue to migrate to the country. However, the world has become more global, and people have started gaining exposure to other cultures. Foreigners come to the country, and they adopt the American way of life. This has reduced the differences among people. I think that people will continue establishing unspoken and informal rules, to enable them live together peacefully. However, America is a highly individualistic country, and there are those who will become more individualized as they seek their independence. They will not favor the idea of living in a dense population.

Living in a dense population has its own benefits. For instance, there is always a sense of community, and one does not feel lonely. There are always people around, and it is easy to identify people with whom one shares common interests. Living in a densely populated place enables a person to live well with other people. I have had to share living spaces with strangers while in school. While this experience was not necessarily pleasant at all times, it did have some pleasurable moments. I had to learn how to be tolerant and patient with others, while at the same time accepting their differences. There were many times when we had disagreements, and we argued over trivial matters. There were other times when we shared happy moments together, as we invited friends over for parties, or just for the sake of interacting and bonding.

We established rules to deal with the problem of overcrowding. We were four of us, yet we lived together in a small room. We had to learn how to share the space we had. We designed the room in such a way that there was space for everyone, and the design enabled us to maintain boundaries. We ensured that we were self-sufficient. Although we shared some items, we ensured that we did not depend on the other roommates for our needs. Moreover, no one was allowed to touch another person’s items, without express permission from the owner.

Many wealthy people prefer living in sparsely populated regions. However, they are not always able to do this, because of lack of space in American urban cities. For instance, New York is a densely populated place, and there are people from different economic backgrounds. One finds the wealthy, as well as the poor. The wealthy live in a certain location in the city, which is different from where people with low income live. The wealthy have established rules that make it difficult for many people to live in their area. For instance, apartments in urban places where the wealthy live tend to be extremely high, compared to other regions within the same state. In addition, it is extremely expensive for people to live there, since basic commodities tend to be more expensive (Dailey, 2012). Such rules have enabled the wealthy to avoid overcrowding and congestion.




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