Positive description (182)

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Grand Canyon

Positive description (182)

This canyon is among the Seven Wonders of the World. The site breathtaking and the view of the hills can be considered as being pleasant. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery as they fish in the great River Colorado. In the evening, the setting of the sun creates a bright surrounding with the orange rays as they set behind the hills. Visually, from an aerial view, the canyon appears to be winding on the landscape with the river water looking brown in color. The caves and cliffs give tourists an exciting experience of adventure.

The history of Grand Canyon is amazing and captivating. It was interesting to learn that people used it as a sacred place. There are viewpoints set aside for admiring the splendor of the canyon. A visit to this canyon brings a wonderful feeling of appreciating nature. There is a feeling of peace as individual breaths in the fresh air. The tour guides are excellent in their services and hospital to the visitors. The beauty of this canyon will be maintained by natural forces of erosion and mass wasting.

Negative description (193)

            It is not easy to tour the Grand Canyon because of the rocky ground and cliffs. Some places are inaccessible because it is dangerous to reach them. The adventure is characterized with struggle of going up and down the high grounds. Sometimes all the fun is carried away by the fatigue and it feels boring. The Grand Canyon is experiencing environmental pollution. The area is supposed to be quite and peaceful as visitors watch the scene. Sometimes there are noises from nearby mining activities and planes flying above the canyon. We went to fish in the river and we could not catch anything because of the noises. Fish do not like noise so they swam away.

During the daytime, the weather is so hot and makes the atmosphere unbearable. It could rise up to forty-six degrees Celsius. The high temperature makes the area unsuitable for relaxation. People tend to be passive and not many activities happen. There is air pollution and the atmosphere is unbearable, especially for the employees who spend a lot of time there.        There is a station at the environs of the canyon. It burns coal, which causes air pollution.

Part C

Part A and B show a positive and negative description of a place. The description has used vocabulary to describe the place. In part A, there are specific words used to tell the appearance of the scene. For example, words like “breath- taking” and ‘pleasant”, tell exactly the scene of the canyons. The sun has also been described having ‘orange rays” in the evening. It creates an image for the reader to understand beauty of the canyon. The canyon has also been described as winding and continuous on a landscape. Anyone who reads the positive description will be interested to visit the canyon. Such a positive description is applicable to tourists who would like to visit the place.

The negative description reveals the shortcomings of visiting the canyon. Certain areas have been mentioned, which sound discouraging to the reader. Every negative aspect mentioned is accompanied with the reaction after the experience. For instance, “the high temperature makes the area unsuitable for relaxation” hence, people become passive. The canyon is a noisy plane because of the activities around it. This phrase clearly tells any people who dislike noise they should not use Grand Canyon as a relaxation site. This informs the reader about the specific consequences of each negative aspect found at the canyon. The criterion used to write the positive and negative parts is effective. This is because the words and phrases are persuasive to the reader. For instance, in part A, the reader is convinced about visiting the canyon. In part B, the reader dislikes the scene of the canyon and does not look forward to visiting it.

The rhetoric project has taught many lessons to the learners. It is important for writers or speakers to be rhetoric in their literally work. It enables them to persuade the reader or listener to agree with them. Rhetoric is a form of creativity, which makes the reader or listener interested. For instance, it is interesting listening to an eloquent speaker. It is easy for the speaker to get audiences’ attention. People tend to believe in speaker or authors or use rhetoric. Politicians with rhetoric skills have successful political careers because of their ability to persuade people.

Rhetoric enables a person to think critically and make good analysis of his or her thoughts. He or she has to choose the right words or phrases to use. Some people use literally devices like metaphors and figurative language. It makes the readers and listeners to think deeply about the literal meaning of the indirect words used. This is how the audience will understand the message. Using rhetoric triggers emotion to the audience according to the how the speaker wants. Proper use of words and phrases makes the audience either sad or happy according to the context. Using rhetoric helps student to think logically and critically in all their activities. It makes them good decision-makers in daily life. It is important for people to learn rhetoric for applying it where necessary. Rhetoric can be useful in advertisement since it will persuade potential buyers.

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