Prayer in Islam

Posted: November 28th, 2013





Prayer in Islam

            Prayer in Islam is worship of Allah the Almighty, praising and thanking Him. The purpose is to acknowledge His Sovereignty and ensuring commitment to obeying Him and remember Him at all times. Muslims are required to remember God at all times by pray five times each day. These prayers are to remind a person of opportunities God has given them and to seek guidance from Him through out the day morning, noon, late afternoon, evening and at night before sleeping. Morning prayers performed before sunrise – Fajr. A noon prayer after the day’s work has begun shortly after noon to remember God and seek His guidance Dhuhr. Late afternoon prayers when almost finishing a day’s work to remember God and His greater meaning in a Muslim’s life – Asr. After the sun goes down, Muslims remember God as the end ends – Maghrib. A Muslim is required to pray before sleeping to remember God, ask for guidance, mercy and – Isha.

Islam prayers are performed in a ritually clean place. When praying, the clothes the person is wearing must be clean. Both men and women wear clothes that cover their bodies, which are loose-fitting garments. A Muslim must plan his life around prayer. One of the requirements of Islam is prayer as it is the backbone of the religion without prayers Islam would not be complete. While Modern day Christians compared to Muslims do not practice traditions that affect their lifestyles and methods of dressing.

Islamic prayers are a spiritual voyage in which a muslim travels the space between him and Allah. This creates a good affiliation between man and his creator. When performing an Islamic prayer the person proclaims humility and shows submission to Allah. Prayer is the second pillar in the Islamic religion it keeps a person connected to Allah and his continues blessing those who pray to Him. A Muslim is commanded to pray by Allah and it is a way of seeking help from Him. Muslims attend the mosque on Friday for prayers. Prayers prevent Satan from harming the person and save them from trouble.

A pluralist culture has changed the way people practice their religion. In a modern country, all religions are embraced like in the case of Amal when she decided to wear a hijab full time (Abdel-Fattah, 2007, p2) while living in a modern community. Some of her neighbors and her schoolmates became uncomfortable with her practicing her religion publicly. Her schoolmates made fun of her because of her strong belief in her religion. People get uncomfortable when faced with cases of extreme practices in religion in a pluralist culture. A pluralistic culture accepts everyone’s religion, and it does not interfere with a person’s beliefs. Tendencies of being an extremist in a pluralist culture are often not accepted. It encourages individualism and private practices of one’s religion.

While performing an Islamic prayer the veil amid the person and Allah is lifted and His protection and blessing are poured upon him. In the book Does My head Look Big in This Amal’s teacher gives her a place to be performing a prayers and this makes her friends make fun of her. Prayers make an individual be submissive to Allah and follow his commands. It is an attempt for a person to stop committing wrongs while lock salvation from evils. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims pray and fast this changes their lives completely as they try to get closer to God and live a holy life. Restaurants are closed during the holy month as everyone in such a country is assumed to be fasting and praying. In a modern setting, this is not the practice, as religious traditions are not followed strictly. Amal’s parents are modern Muslims who do not follow their religion, and they live in a modern Australian suburb. As a result, they do not practice their religion and do not understand why Amal has decided to wear a hijab full time. A pluralistic culture has diluted the religious traditions practices of our communities. In such a culture, religious traditions are practiced individually. In the case of Amal, her religious believes affect her relationship with a boy she had a crush on. She refused to kiss Adam because of her religious beliefs. Her religious traditions affected the way she conducted her life. When it comes to Christianity due to the pluralist culture one may not notice traditional practices like lent (Barron 2002, p18). In a Muslim nation, the end of the month of Ramadan is a celebration and everyone is involved in celebrating the end of the holy month. Each religion in a pluralist culture does not require a person to know the other religion believes. In such a culture, the community tends to ignore each other religion. This makes practicing of ones religious culture in a community difficult.

Pluralism requires everyone to be committed to his or her different religions. It does not mean that people stop practicing their traditions, but requires them to practice their different religions in association with each other. In a pluralistic setting, people talk about their differences and not necessarily agreeing with each other. Everyone is committed to working with each other’s religious traditions even if they do not agree with their beliefs.  In a pluralist culture, a person tends to believe that their religion is the only source of truth. In such a culture, it is believed that there is some truth and values in other religions and in such a culture a person tend to accept various religions. In such a culture, the theory that two or more religions share common truths and the truths are similar and legitimate. Such a culture emphasizes common features in different religions. A pluralistic culture promotes union, collaboration and knowledge between different denominations in a community and promotes harmony between different religions.

Such a culture can weaken a person’s traditional religious beliefs to make them accept other different religious traditions as a truth. Pluralism has come to dilute religion by making individuals accept other forms of truths from other religions. Individuals need to be committed to their religious traditions just as Muslims are committed to their rituals a perfect example being the Ramadan rituals.. All Christians should be made to follow Christ and not accept other traditions. Christians should be disciplined and strict to follow their traditions just like Muslims believe in Muhammad Christians should live the way Jesus Christ lived. They should live their lives as Jesus did while on earth (Barron 2002, p17).

Islam prayer is an obligation to all Muslims towards Allah and it leads to evil. When a Muslim is not performing his prayers he has to pray for forgiveness and has to be determined to be honest and moral. This can only be obtained through daily prayers. Muslims strictly follow the laws of Muhammad. The five pillars of Islam are practiced in details by those who are staunch in their beliefs. They follow and some strict Islamic Nations do not accept Christianity they even persecute missionaries who do not profess their religious truth. Religion has been diluted by modern practices it has as it has accommodated other religious traditions and this has robbed religions its trueness of being a way of life (Barron 2000 p18). Christianity has does not have the same effect on Christians lives the way Islam religion affects their daily lives. The five pillars of Islam are a model of how and real Muslim should live their lives. Muslims who still practice fasting, which changes their private, and public lives when the holy month comes. Such strict traditions should also be practiced when it comes to Christianity. Just as Muslims pray and fast so that they get closer to God, Christians should accept Christ as their only way to get to God the Father.

Islam prayer is as a way to get closer to God is celebrated worldwide and its effect is felt by almost all those who practice Islam. It affects their families as some of the practices affect husbands and wives. Christian practices should affect the whole world as God is drawing us to Him through his love. God loved Christians so much that He sacrificed his Son to die for Christians sins (Barron 2002 p31) Christians should not be divided when it comes to their believes in Christ they should obey the commands of God and they should let His love for us affect our daily lives (Barron 2000, p35).

Islamic prayer is a system of worship proposed to shelter the soul from its worldly behavior and personal desires. Ii cures all spiritual diseases and cultivates good behaviors to an individual. Prayers cleanse the soul and it streamlines human behaviors to be all to be aligned to Allah’s way. Islamic prayer is a staircase a Muslim tales to ascend to the greatest height of righteousness. An Islamic prayer separates the faithful from those who do not belong to the religion.


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