Posted: October 17th, 2013






Prejudice is a practice that is very harmful to the human race. It drives people apart and they are left with negative attitude towards each other. Prejudice makes people develop certain beliefs, which are not true. For example, prejudiced people believe people from some races are inferior. In real sense, no one is inferior to the other. All people are equal and skin color should not be a problem. I have learnt this important lesson after carrying out the prejudice tour. I always considered black people are not capable and inferior compared to white people. This is mainly because of their origin. They came in the Western countries through slavery. I have always had a bad attitude that they are not as good as the white people.

The prejudice tour has enabled tour has enabled me to learn that being ill mannered towards people of other races is a vice that deteriorates our moral standards. It is now clear that all people are capable of doing many things. An individual’s capabilities are not determined by age, race, or gender. Who we are is determined by personality and character we choose to take. When my group members thought I was not a good leader, I did my best to convince them otherwise. I successfully did it and they accepted me. This shows that gender, age or race should never be used to gauge a person’s intelligence. Another good example is about the current president of USA. He is as African America but he is doing very well in leading the country. No one ever thought a black person would rule States but it is reality. The secretary of state is a woman. I have understood that prejudice towards gender is evil. Instead, people should help in empowering each other and not discriminating.

I am now aware of several things. Interacting with people from different background is a very helpful thing. As a student, I will learn a lot. Prejudice is a vise that might cause a lot of retrogression in the society. United States is a cosmopolitan nation and diverse people have to co-exist. If this does not happen, hatred may even bring conflicts and war. This will be retrogression to all the people. Fighting prejudice will improve the environment in every way. People will work together and have equal chances regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender or age. The prejudice tour has helped me to identify unfavorable behavior and attitude. I will definitely change positively. I will not tolerate prejudice any longer.

Since prejudice is very dangerous in our society, it should be eliminated. One important thing is to create awareness about its negative effects. People should be taught intensely and made to understand that it is very harmful. Hey should also understand the importance of living in a society with no prejudice. The law protects every person from being prejudiced. It is against human rights charter and it is punishable. For example, it is unconstitutional to deny education to a disabled child. Law enforcers should ensure they have tracked down any reported cases of unfair treatment to anyone. Institutions like schools or colleges are likely to have high levels of prejudice and discrimination. Students are known to bully each other and some end up physically hurting each other. The management should have a keen eye on such unacceptable behavior and act accordingly. They should also teach students the importance of living in harmony. The government has an obligation of availing all facilities equally to all the people. They should also be given equal job opportunities depending on their qualification and competence. I am glad because I had the opportunity of studying in different environments and learning more. When I was prejudiced in my study group, I was able to overcome it. I believe it is possible to eradicate prejudice and everyone should make an effort to do so.

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