Preparation of Nurses for entry into practice

Posted: August 12th, 2013


Preparation for Nurses into Practice





Preparation for Nurses into Practice

            The role of nursing in healthcare is vital. They are the primary care givers of patients in hospitals. The issue pegged on the level of education a practicing nurse should attain is not about frustrating nurses but about improving the healthcare sector in the country. American Nurses Association, in 1965, recommended a minimum of a baccalaureate degree for entry into the practicing nursing. However, no measures have been taken to ensure that his position is enforced across the board. Healthcare is about protecting the lives of patients and ensuring a speedy recovery. A baccalaureate degree program for nursing will better these services.

There has been an increase in the complexity of patient health care bringing into question the relevance of the diploma programs offered by hospitals (Nelson 2002). While associate degree programs for nursing are relevant, it sill does not make for the requirements the nursing profession requires. A baccalaureate nursing degree encompasses all that is offered in diploma programs and giving the student an in-depth understanding of their profession of choice. It must be recognized that education makes a difference in practicing nursing. The American Nursing Association had predicted the growing complexity of health care, but nursing is not up to task to catch up with the dynamics of the health care system (Nelson 2002).

The acceptance of nurses undertaking associate degrees was seen a step into the baccalaureate degree. However, the nursing community has grown complacent with this degree, citing the short period and the economic advantages. Producing quality health caregivers should not be determined by how cheap programs or how it takes a shorter time for associate degree programs to produce nurses. It is time for the nursing profession to take wake up to the realities of healthcare and strive for quality services that will enable them to serve the community better.



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