Posted: November 27th, 2013


Project 1

The first issue discussed in this project for the presentation is mortgage financing with particular emphasis on mortgage foreclosure. Mortgage foreclosure is generally an element or clause that gives the right of obtaining termination to a mortgagers’ right of redemption for a mortgagee. Simply put, this means that upon payment of debts, a borrower can be granted an equitable right to stop the lender from repossessing the mortgage.

Some interesting results that I found in this project are that President Barrack Obama in the democrat party has been on the forefront in helping the struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure. He launched a homeowner and affordability stability plan with programs to offer mortgage relief, by setting aside $75 billion from tax payers meant for subsidizing home ownership for the struggling, hence lowering their monthly repayment besides acting as an incentive (, n.d.). The Federal Housing Finance Agency, which is the department of housing and urban development was another of the interesting results that  I found out to exist, with its headquarters situated in 451 7th Street S.W Washington, DC (HUD.GOV/Recovery). Students interested in this issue can visit the HUD.GOV/Recovery website or contact the agency at 451 7th Street S.W, Washington, DC  20410. Telephone (202) 708-1112 TTY (202) 708-1455for more information, which I believe is important for us considering that soon we shall need to have our own mortgages.

Project 2

            In this project, the issue is on gender equality concerning development of women’s lives as a status group. Gender status refers to systems that are concerned with issues that view women as a marginalized group, exposing them to domestic abuse neglect and other insults such as blocking them from participating in social and political welfare or other posts. The federal government can enact and implement laws that can stop those who marginalize women such as family laws that do not recognize women as equal to men in owning marital property. Another policy is the quotas systems that changes perception of women where they are allowed to take part in decision-making.

Several results of this project that I found interesting were political perception about the issue. Democrats under the leadership of Obama care much about gender equality noting in one of his speeches that he would give priority to legislation to allow women whose income is discriminated to have their day in court. On the other hand, the republicans have not shown major interests regarding the issue, and this contributed to its lack of support by most women in the elections. There are also interest groups that address the same issue such as faith-based organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and human rights organizations that protect women. Students interested in this issue can get more information from the internet by visiting gender equality cites by typing such terms such as gender equality, which is a good method because there are many unlimited views and more issues educative enough for young generation to understand about their rights. More issues that I found interesting were people protesting topless both men and women asking for equal rights for women go topless freely just like men (Hennessy-Fiske, 2011). More so, others advocated more representation of women in the media industry where they said there were no enough women in the industry due to gender discrimination (Tady, 2010).



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