Principle Macroeconomics

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Principle Macroeconomics








Principle Macroeconomics

The labor unions are mainly formed for the purposes of fighting for the employees grievances. Therefore, factors that could have led to percentage increase of membership in labor unions in Canada and a percentage decrease in America are attributed to the grievances. The first data to be collected and used in this case is the salary statistics of the different employees. The primary sources of this information could be obtained in banks, from the employees themselves and work places. This data collected based on the salary would be of extreme importance because it will evaluate whether remunerations are the key factor to change. It is worth noting that such data should be primary because the information will not be distorted (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012).

The next form of data to be collected is from the employees. The data should be collected by the use of questionnaires where different employees in the labor industry are expected to fill in their information. In this situation, the names of the employees are not needed. However, place of work and labor unions joined if any, will be of at most help for the statistical representation. . This type of data will help in coming up with statistical representations. This represents the evaluation of certain factors that will have led to the different situation in Canada and America. Therefore, it will be easy to evaluate factors leading to the growth or decrease in percentage of members joining unions in Canada and America respectively (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, 2010).

Finally, secondary data from the government department of labor will be another important data to be collected. For instance, the laws relating to labor unions will be of great help. In this case, any documents that contain laws will be important data. This data will be used to form statistical tabulation and strengthen other factors that might have caused the increase or decrease in percentage members in Canada and America labor unions respectively ((Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, 2010).



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