Procurement and Contract Management

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Procurement and Contract Management





Procurement and Contract Management

Source selection is a complicated process because of all the decisions that the involved parties have to make. The parties have to ensure that all the decisions made are in accordance with various requirements of the law, and that they are objective in their decisions. The government, or any other contracting party, selects a contractor who will provide them with the goods and services they need. Technology has made the process of source selection easy and more objective. Using electronic source selection tools will ease the process by automating the paper process, ensuring that the personnel involved in the process are skilled and knowledgeable, and augment the source selection team (CCH Incorporated et al., 2007). The contractors must ensure that they get the best value for their consideration.

The use of internet technology will enable those individuals tasked with making resolutions to have an enhanced analysis, which will in turn lead to better decision making. The complexities and difficulties involved in the source selection occur because of the multiple decisions. Therefore, finding a technique that lessens the time and procedure of seeking resolutions will make the process simpler. Decision Support Systems use a set of user-friendly decision support tools, which provide information to be used when making the necessary resolutions. The systems are also able to rank the alternatives according to the decision makers’ preferences. The systems are programmed, and they consist of a database, knowledge base, model base, user interface. The model base consists of tools used in forecasting, simulation, and statistics. The different components work together to make the course of pronouncement easy. Moreover, the decision makers are not explicitly required to have technical knowledge to be able to use the system. The user interface contains information, which enables the users to use the system to make decisions and to control the system (Kaymaz & Diri, 2008).


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