Procurement and Contract Management

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Procurement and Contract Management





Procurement and Contract Management

A contract administrator ensures that the contracting parties adhere to the terms of the contract. Contract administrators ensure that the parties follow the terms and obligations of the contract. In the ideal situation, they coordinate any changes that may arise, in the course of fulfilling the contract, and they communicate with the buyer and supplier concerning all contractual issues. In the real situation, this can be difficult to do, and can present some challenges. The administrators do coordinate all the changes, although there is usually some interference from the parties. The administrators communicate with the buyers and suppliers on all the issues, although this will depend on the competence of the contract administrator. The ideal situation of a contract administrator is one that involves understanding the contract, and communicating with the parties. Contract administrator must understand all the aspects and elements in a purchase document. They should be knowledgeable concerning the contracting principles, and should maintain all the records. The ideal situation requires a contract administrator to ensure that there is a timely and complete closeout. However, in reality, some delays emerge, which can delay or hinder the process. In an ideal situation, the contract administrator ensures that the final product is fit to use, and that it has met all the requirements. The contract administrator ensures that the parties adhere to the quality requirements, and that they do not breach the contract (Kerzner, 2009). The most difficult part to deal with would be renegotiating the terms, after changes to the contract. I have to analyze the effects that these changes will make, and inform both parties of these effects. This can be challenging, especially if the changes do not seem favorable to one party. Disputes often arise between the parties. In most cases, the parties expect the contract administrator to resolve all the disputes (Zaval & Wagner, 2011).


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