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Posted: October 17th, 2013

Marketing Research: Products & Brands




Marketing Research: Products & Brands

Respondents in the interview were made up of a friend known as Jean-Mark, a relative by the name Clarence and a classmate by the name Mabrouk who live nearby in my neighborhood. The respondents were male, female and male respectively to obtain an unbiased view in terms of their opinion about their consumer behavior and views on terms of the market trends. The questions asked were:

When was your last purchase of a bottle of soda?


“I purchased a liter of plastic bottled soda over the weekend and stored it in the refrigerator for consumption in the house.”


“I consumed a bottle soda yesterday afternoon in the cafeteria as in consumed my meal over lunch hour.”


“I purchased a bottle of soda today in the general store as I came over to work and stored the rest in the refrigerator for later consumption.”

Which brand did you select? What other brands were availed for purchase? Why did you make purchase of the specific rand of soda?


I usually consume Coke Zero given its low level of sugar and thus low level of calories. I make purchase of these products because its health considerations as do not aim at becoming obsess. Other products available were brands such as Pepsi Cola, Fanta, Sprite, and Minute Maid among others.


I usually make purchase of Coke brands because I have been consuming these products for many years. This has been my brand since I began consumption of sodas. Other visible brands in the store were Pepsi, Fanta, Schweppes and Sprite


I usually consume Sprite brand because of the revitalizing taste derived from this brand. I have been an avid consumer of the brand for a longtime because of the advertisements, which I see in the media.

Why did you choose the specific brand for purchase?

•Clarence: the brand is healthy in terms of the sugar levels. In addition, it has a high quality

•Mabrouk: satisfaction of my needs as a consumer

•Jean-Mark: social status because am an athlete and Sprite is associated with athletics


The interviews in the research were essential as they enabled to obtain information related to the purchase decisions and consumerism behavior o the individuals. Sodas are products, which usually have a high consumption rate and thus provide an express platform for understanding the consumer behavior in terms of making purchases and decisions to eventual purchase. The three respondents were of varied ages in order to obtain a varied view in terms of the consumption habits of individuals in the specific age range.

Name Age Occupation Hobby View
Clarence 34 Nurse Swimming She is of the view that the consumption of soda is a health risk when consumed in large quantities. She indicated that she consumes soda in moderation
Jean-Mark 22 Mechanic Professional Driving He stated that he consumes soda on a daily basis given that he works tirelessly in an energy-consuming career. In addition, he added that he has been a loyal consumer of his Coca Cola brand, Coke because it gives his desired level of satisfaction.
Mabrouk 23 Student   Stated that he consumes his favorite brand of cola soda regularly


Brand and consumer loyalty is essential in that it enables repeated consumption as indicated by the consumers who stated that they have been loyal to several brands because of the associated benefits and ability of their favorite brands to satisfy their needs. Repeated purchases were based on individual needs and perception of the products as derived from the interview. Consumer relationships are essential in that the consumers are bale to identify themselves with the specific brands, which they had identified (Franzen, & Moriarty, 2009).

This is established through satisfaction of consumer needs and establishment of a strong brand for consumer identification. However, the products purchased were not necessities but were wants, which could be easily satisfied given that they are not classifiable as luxuries. Consumers made decisions based on their experiences with the products in satisfaction of their needs as well as the benefits accrued form consumption of their favorite brands.


Marketing is a strategic approach, which should be assumed with keenness and specialty. This is because it has the ability to build or harms the reputation of an organization. It is evident that consumers value their experiences with a product in terms of the ability of the product to ensure satisfaction of their needs and wants. In addition, the consumers also value the quality and quantity of the products, which they favor. Furthermore, another evident issue is the benefits of consumption associated with a product such as social image accrued from a brand (Solomon, 2003).

Product Benefits

Brand Benefits
Coke It has been existence and accrues a good image in society. Satisfies consumer needs in terms of thirst and taste of the product.
Coke Zero It has low sugar thus low calories. Hence, it is good for individuals with observance of strict measures toward individual health.
Sprite Accrue a great image in society because it is a product associated with athletic individuals or athletics.



Quality of the products is usually a primary factor in that it is a determinant in the satisfaction of the consumer needs and wants. High quality products are usually attractive to consumers irrespective of the costs of a product or service. Quality issues such as taste and the packaging of a product is essential for consumers in this market segment. Health benefits of the product is essential in that modern consumers have accrued increased health consciousness given the presence of numerous health issues associated with products such as sodas and other consumables.

Positioning Map:

Distinct flavors of a new product could be developed to ensure penetration into a new market segment, which is inexistent in the soda market. Price of a new product is essential as it enables the attraction of new consumers in the market.

Positioning strategy:

Development of a product which is distinct in terms of taste but relative to other products in terms of packaging such that consumers are able to identify with the product with ease. In additional pricing should be based on market prices to provide confidence that the product is equal in terms of quality with other products in the market (Duffy, & Hooper, 2003).

Brand Personality

The new product is sophisticated in terms of taste and thus is targeted for individuals with a complex personality and attitude towards life. It targets all individuals in all social settings but has focus on individuals with an aim for success in life. Other brands such as Schweppes are associated with intellect in society because of the sophisticated taste, packaging, brand and quality of the products. Schweppes and the proposed product have different tastes and brand personalities in terms of packaging and branding (VanAuken, 2003).










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