Program Planning Model & Strategic Planning

Posted: August 12th, 2013





Program Planning Model and Strategic Planning

            The structure of the program-planning model (PPM) makes it very effective. Its systematic five-stage process allows for an efficient analysis of the problem. This program gives room for an all round analysis of the problem since it “suggests specific group techniques and specific roles for different interest groups at different phases of the process” (pg. 284). What makes it more appealing is that people in these groups come together to interact and not just to work together (pg. 284). This idea of interactions is in itself fascinating, it eliminates the boredom that usually accompanies group work thereby creating a comfortable environment for exchanging ideas. Another interesting part of this model is that in the last stage, it brings together all the participants to review the process (pg 294). The PPM will be particularly effective in a school setting, as it will enable teachers and parents to work with the organization in identifying the problems they face. In this way, they participate in the problem solving process.

The strategic human resources planning (SHRP) model observes the role of the internal and external environments of a school in the achievement of the school’s goals and objectives. The writer says that “SHRP is not necessarily the making of future decisions; it is focused on current decisions and their future implications” (pg.75). This statement according to me simplifies the unique role of this plan. Most plans are not flexible; they cannot be modified even if situations require that slight alterations be made. SHRP overcomes this challenge since it provides for alteration or modification whenever necessary; “the plan should provide for modification and change as required by changes in the…internal and external environment” (pg.77). Another feature that really interests me in SHRP is the requirements that the human resources be comprised of the right mix and composition that will enable a school achieve its goals. The more interesting part is how the plan describes the professional staff mix, “…balancing the best human resource talent with program needs…” (pg.78). In view of the above, the goal of the SHRP is to have an efficient workforce that will assist in the achievement of the school’s goals. It also enables the school to forecast the needs of its teachers and other staff and make adjustments as appropriate.

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