Project Closure

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Project Closure







Project Closure

A transition plan facilitates the movement from one way of conducting operations to another suitable way of doing things without causing unnecessary disruptions to the conduct of business that might affect the company and its clients. The new information technology project will enable the company to preserve records of professional development of its employees.

Scope of Transition plan

The transition plan first entails of the scope that the transition will cover. This phase shows the departments that will be affected and the services. The project will affect more than 30,000 employees in different venues, which are namely Illinois, Florida Colorado and Texas. The project shall also enable the management to receive notifications when their direct reports have submitted documentation. The employees shall also receive notifications on deadlines on when they should complete their professional development requirements.

Transition Team

The company should select the best and most knowledgeable staff to run the project for the best outcomes possible. The team should also be an incorporation of people from all departments and the staff such hat they can make contributions regarding the implementation of the system and how the system should work. Management should head the project to emphasize the seriousness of the project and to make decisions or changes upon realizing issues that might skew the project from the objectives and goals of the project (Thibodeaux, 2012).

Strategy for adopting the Transition Plan

This phase outlines how the transition plan will be adopted. All employees will have access to the project to allow them to locate and schedule their professional development plans to suit their work schedules. The employees will use the new system to submit their documentation once they complete their professional development programs. The new program will enable the employees to communicate via social networks such that they can decide who will attend conferences and events related to the growth of their professions.

Timeline for adopting the Transition Plan

Without a specific timeline, the adoption of the project would go into disarray. Thus, a specific timeline facilitates the adjustment from the old systems into a new system in reasonable time. Movement from one phase to the other should be detailed such that the project comes into use in ample time. The outline of implementing should be within a year, when nearing the implementation the company should facilitate learning on how to use the new system. The timeline guide should facilitate the evaluation of the progress of the transition plan to determine if the things are going as per the outlined plan (Ray & Bronstein, 2001).

Governing the Transition Plan

This is the most basic part of the transition plan because it entails how the plan is to be executed and the responsibilities allocated to each employee in the organization in relation to the transition plan and the project itself. The management shall be the highest level of governance .Management shall be solely responsible for the overall execution of the plan to ensure smooth transition and avoid any deviations from the achievement of the goals and objectives of the plan. However, there must be the presence of a project manager who shall be solely responsible for implementing the transition plan and the project itself (Russell and Bucher, 2005).

Risks of the Transition Plan

The system might be susceptible to malicious hardware and software. Competitors posing as clients or even through employees could try to sabotage the company’s efforts of maintaining professional records. Moreover, such records could be used by the competitors to entice the best and most valuable employees. This would be devastating to the company’s integrity because the information might be used by the company’s competitors in conduct of similar business. Clients might view the company as inefficient in conduct of its business and opt to look for similar service providers. It might prove to be very expensive to support the system because of the costs of running the system, training the personnel on how to use it and the overall costs of purchasing the system. In addition, the Hence, despite all the outlined risk the company can use protective measures from damage of the machines such as the use of protective software for the program and limited access to employees and no access to unauthorized individuals (Stanford, 2005).


The budget should be reasonable and should not exceed company expectations and the benefits that might be accrued from the use of the system. The plan costs should reflect the costs of implementing the new project, thus both costs should relate and be relevant (Kakabadse, Bank &Vinniecombie, 2004)


Changes in any organization are inevitable due to changes in ownership, management of the organization or change in technology and the market in which the organization conducts its business. The transition plan should be made up by the best and most knowledgeable individuals in the company such the best options of implementing the new system should be utilized. The plan should be headed by a senior individual with relevant knowledge in implementing new systems. In addition, the management of the implementing strategy or the plan determines if the new project will be effective as expected. The company should strive to keep the costs of implementing the new project to a bare minimum such that the costs do not surpass the benefits accrued from the use of the new project


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