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Posted: November 27th, 2013

Name: ___________________________________________

Begin by identifying a change in behavior that you would like to see happen with a friend, family member or work associate. Using the worksheets attached, rate each area on a scale of 1 to 5. A score of “1” means that you are giving this area the lowest score (e.g., a score of 1 for awareness means that you believe the person is completely unaware of the reasons a change is needed). A score of “5” indicates the highest degree of compliance or understanding for that area. Be sure you select a behavior change you have been trying to support in a friend, colleague or family member that is not working.

Briefly describe a personal change you are trying to support with a friend, family member or work associate:

I have a friend at work and she is very controlling. She likes things to be done in her own way and she rarely accepts correction. She is good at her job and she has even been promoted as a team leader by the management. Unfortunately, her good skills are not appreciated by her colleagues, especially those who are in the same level as she is. This is because she believes that it is her duty to tell other people what to do. She rarely delegates duties because she is not satisfied with the work done by other people. She always finds fault in what other people do and this has negatively affected her social life. I have tried talking to my friend about her attitude but so far, she has been unable to change.

1. List the reasons you believe this change is necessary.

I believe that there is a need for my friend to change her attitude and her behavior towards others.

  • As a team leader, she has to have a good working relationship with people so that she can perform her duties effectively.
  • I believe that the change will help lessen her responsibilities because she will learn how to delegate tasks.
  • She also needs to change so that she can use her position to help other people. She has useful skills and she can use them to assist other people.
  • She also needs to change for the sake of her well-being. She needs to develop a social life in the work place.
  • She needs to change so that she can learn how to appreciate people and appreciate the work they do

Review these reasons and rate this person’s awareness of these reasons for change.


1___ (2) __ 2___ (3) __ 3___ (2) __ 4___ (1) __ 5___ (1) __

2.  List the factors or consequences (good and bad) for this person that create a desire for change

Some of the factors that can create a desire for my friend to change are:

  • The need and desire for success and progress in her career
  • Her need to improve her relationship with other people
  • The realization that she will not have many responsibilities once she learns how to delegate
  • The realization that helping others will be beneficial to her since she will get more recognition at the workplace
  • Sense of achievement

Consider these motivating factors, including the person’s conviction in these factors and the associated consequences. Assess his/her desire for to change


1__(5)___ 2___(3)__ 3___(4)__ 4___(5)__ 5__(4)___

3.  List the skills and knowledge needed for this change.

  • My friend will need to have an awareness of people and realize that each person is different.
  • She will need to learn the different personality types
  • She will need to learn how to have self-control
  • She needs to learn how to identify the skills that other people possess and delegate tasks
  • She needs to learn how to accept correction and learn from others

Rate this person’s knowledge or training in these areas


1___ (2) __ 2___ (2) __ 3__ (3) ___ 4___ (3) __ 5___ (3) __

4. Considering the skills and knowledge identified in Step 3, evaluate the person’s ability to perform these skills or act on this knowledge

My friend is capable of implementing these changes since she has the ability to perform the needed to act on the knowledge. She will require training and coaching in some of the areas and she has the intellectual ability to do this. Lack of coaching and mentoring has been her major weakness over the years. Lack of these resources may prove to be a challenge and it means that there will be no one to direct and guide her in the process of change. Finding a mentor or coach might not be an easy thing to do. Observing people and interacting with them are some of the ways through which my friend can understand the different kinds of people. She has the time needed for this since she works with them and is in contact with them on a regular basis.

To what degree do you rate this person’s ability to implement the new skills, knowledge and behaviors to support the change?


1___(4)__ 2__(4)___ 3___(3)__ 4__(3)___ 5__(4)___

5.  List the reinforcements that will help to retain the change. Are incentives in place to reinforce the change and make it stick?

  • Recognition is one of the ways through which change can be retained. This will come from the other people in the office especially those who work closely with her.
  • A word of encouragement will make my friend aware that people are noticing her progress and her effort
  • Reinforcement can also be done through appreciation. This can be through giving her something she values so that she can be motivated to change
  • Accountability is one of the ways of ensuring that the process of change continues. Having a system of accountability will ensure that my friend will change.
  • Lack of negative consequences can also act as reinforcements. For instance, support from her colleagues at work even when she seems controlling.

To what degree to you rate the reinforcements as helping support the change?


1___(3)__ 2___(3)__ 3__(4)___ 4__(3)___ 5__(3)___

Transfer your scores from each worksheet to the table below. Take a moment to review your scores. Highlight the first area to score a 3 or lower. This is the starting point in managing change with this individual.

Brief Description of Change:

1.  Awareness of the need to change                                       1_____ 2_____ 3_____ 4_____ 5_____

2.  Desire to make the change happen                         1_____ 2_____ 3_____ 4_____ 5_____

  1. Knowledge about how to make the change       1_____ 2_____  3_____ 4_____ 5_____
  2. Ability to change                                                   1_____ 2_____  3_____  4_____ 5_____
  3. Reinforcement to retain the change                       1_____ 2_____  3_____  4_____ 5_____


College can be a stressful situation especially if one has just joined. The first days in college were very stressful for me. There was so much to learn and I did not know any one who I could ask for help since I had not made any friends. Being an introvert, I mostly kept to myself and I did not know how to socialize. I had missed the orientation as I had arrived late. I was therefore not familiar with the facilities and because of this; I missed all my lessons on the first day. I had to find a job to supplement the little money I had because it was running out. My social life was non-existent, I had missed the introductory lessons in class and I was broke. This was a stressful situation for me and I did not know how to deal with it. I was becoming overwhelmed because of all the problems I was facing. Keeping to myself only made me think about my situation and I was drowning in self-pity. I longed to talk to someone and to socialize but I was a bit scared.

I approached a girl who I knew from one of my classes and I asked for help. Fortunately, she was willing to help me and she assisted me with some of my classes. She also introduced me to one of her friends after I told her that I was looking for a job. Her friend worked in one of the malls and she was able to get me a job in the sales department. Things began to change for me as I now had two friends. The change process was not immediate for me since I was dealing with something I was not comfortable with in the beginning. I gave myself some time and after some time, I realized that I no longer had the stress I had in the beginning. Realizing that I needed help marked the beginning of the change process. I was willing to, and I had the desire to change and this was my major strength. I am no longer stressed because of the situations I am facing and I have learnt to ask for help whenever I need it. Although I have many friends now, I am grateful for the first girl who I approached because she made the change possible.

2. Explain the importance of understanding oneself and how the MB assessment is used in business

People think the process of change management is only applicable I work settings. Change can however occur at all levels of life. In my case, change was an incremental process. It took some time for change to happen. I started small, by asking for help from one person and I was driven by the desire to improve my situation. In business settings, change can be incremental or radical. Sometimes radical change is needed especially when the matter is of great urgency. People have different ways through which they initiate the change process.

3. Take the seven principles discussed in class and explain the relationship to Change Management

The fundamental principles regarding change usually apply in most situations. People need to be aware of the need for change. They should have the resources necessary for change. In my case, my friends acted as the resources I needed for the change process. The desire to change can only come from them. In some cases, this desire acts as the motivating factor. They should not be limited by anything. Whenever possible, reinforcements are necessary since they will ensure that the person does not go back to his old ways.

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