Promoting Children’s Development

Posted: November 27th, 2013

Promoting Children’s Development








Importance of Childcare and Educational Practitioners in Observing Children

Children display different emotions and reactions in their behaviors. For example, at one point they are impulsive, talkative and happy while at the other, they become sad, quiet and calm. Children are a distinctive and complex subject and it is therefore difficult to understand them. This is because they are not in a position to engage in an interaction for explaining the reasons for their action because they are still in the process of discovering the surrounding environment. Therefore, it is important for adults including guardians, parents, teachers and other close relatives or friends to understand and know about their children profoundly in order to stay updated with the progress of the child’s development.

When child observation is done accurately, carefully and with a lot of thought, it can enable a concerned adult to acquire knowledge about the elements of learning processes in a child. Observing children is also important in enabling adults in developing the logic in what they see. The high capacity for learning displayed by children leaves a huge responsibility on several educators to encourage, support and guide that kind of learning. All the things that are observed about children leave the duty upon the adults by offering encouragement and ways to develop their skills to be significant in their future life

Observing children is also very important in creating awareness concerning the suitability of the environment to the child. People are able to know if the surrounding is secure and compliant with the child’s needs. Through the observation process, adults are given an opportunity to relate and connect with the child’s thoughts and feelings, which enables them to give their children quality care. In addition, the results of child observation help them to observe closely and update them on how to guide their children’s life experiences in the early stages. It helps in the process of evaluation because adults for example parents are able to examine if they are doing the best they could in their parenting responsibilities.

Observing children in their process of learning can also help the concerned guardian to establish their strong and weak points plus the irregularities of what he or she offers to the child in order to provide better guidance that will be of great significance to the child’s future. The guardian is able to identify various elements or skills when a child is learning, which will help him to develop it into something useful that is beneficial to the child and the surrounding society. The more closely the concerned adults get in observing their children, the more the opportunity increases for them in learning about the needs of their child especially in the psychological aspect that involves emotional and mental needs.

Although most children appear to have fast and competent learning capabilities, it is important for adults to take time in observing every aspect of the child’s behaviors and actions in order to understand what they are trying to communicate in terms of their needs. However, the process of observing and understanding a child requires the adult to have done research on information based on the development of a child and a strong determination plus interest to contemplate.

Research can also be included in the observation process and it involves different categories that suit different types of adults. For example, research can involve information that is significant to teachers including theories of child development that could be used to teach a particular subject. The significance of adults incorporating research in their observation is that it goes beyond the general knowledge of a person to giving details of more important facts in enabling them to understand the reasons behind a child’s complexity in the area of development. In addition, research enables the adult to understand the child’s behavior including curiosity because it gives more information about the child’s complexity than when relying on general knowledge.

















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